Friday, August 24, 2012

Man Down ... Way Down!

 AFD and Amherst College PD attend to fallen worker trapped in a manhole

Late this morning a contractor performing work at Amherst College fell down a manhole bringing a swift coordinated response from Amherst Fire Department, APD, Amherst College Police --including Chief John Carter and Director of Facilities Jim Brassord -- as well as a bevy of concerned fellow workers.

AFD called in their "technical team" (climbers who usually go in an upward direction) and the rescue took less than an hour.  The rescuers were talking to the trapped man the entire time and it appeared at no time was the situation life threatening.

 He's out!

Still, a tremendous effort by first responders.


Uncle Adam said...

I hope they send him a bill for all this.

I hope the Fire Chief goes on public television to berate him for his stupidity.

LarryK said...

Sarcasm requires its own special font.

Anonymous said...

Firefighters rock. I think 9/11 really brought that to the public eye. It's easy to take them for granted, as well as police officers, or prison guards. But there are not too many professions that require a person to confront danger, death, and violence on a regular basis.

LarryK said...

And I can also assure you that if it had been Amherst College President Biddy Martin, or a homeless person, who had fallen into that hole, the response would have been exactly the same.

Anonymous said...

1:44 please say you are joking. This was not some careless hiker who set off an expensive SAR operation, it was a guy who had a scary workplace accident and fortunately the AFD was up to the challenge!