Thursday, July 30, 2015

They Will Come

Atkins North Grand Opening 9/12

When you have an exceedingly tight housing market and a pitifully small commercial tax base (under 10%) the old saying,  "If you build it ..." easily applies.

 Presidential Apartments, North Amherst on schedule for September 1st move in

But when you're a "college town" the window of opportunity -- even is you are not directly targeting college aged youth -- is open wide until early August.  After that everyone is settled in for the year.

 Amherst Office Park mixed use addition on schedule for September 1st opening

Kendrick Place seemingly on schedule for September 1st opening

Amherst College Greenway Dorm project opening September, 2016

Olympia Place private dorms opening September, 2016


Anonymous said...

And the number of public safety personnel added to accommodate this growth = zero.

Anonymous said...

I seem to remember this blog being critical of NIMBY's.

Isn't this like trying to keep the bears away by laying out doughnuts?

Larry Kelley said...

Whatever that was requires its own special font.

Anonymous said...

We need progress…this ain't 68 no more. Diversify the tax base and ease the burden on us homeowners. Do as near-by cities and towns have done: keep business areas localized leaving the citizenry in quiet neighborhoods. Although Hadley is not a sterling example outside of route 9 it is a rural agricultural town with low-ass taxes (thank you big business). They planned and capitalized where we did not. U-Dr should be our whore. Instead we have?? Assisted living and small-tike strip malls. Sigh

Rene said...

Six different building projects at the same time of which five are private developments and four of which are housing facilities (yes, one is a college dorm) and people on this blog complain that Amherst is anti-business. Please explain.

Anonymous said...

Explanation for Anon 7/30 8:53: The < 10% commercial tax base in Amherst. You clearly haven't been to any Town Meetings as the anti-business sentiment at those is so thick you couldn't cut it with a chainsaw.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rene @8:53

One word explanation: Archipelago

Thank you Kyle and Dave

Anonymous said...

Fiscally speaking only:

Can someone please explain the perceived need for "commercial" tax base as Massachusetts (virtually alone among Massachusetts municipalities) has IDENTICAL residential and commercial property tax rates. Do non-residential, commercial developments require fewer town services, and so have a higher net tax benefit to the town?

And as for residential, I have to wonder if it's cheaper to police student housing than it is to pay for schools and "recreation" for the breeders. If so we should really focus on as much private student housing as possible and make new housing as un-family-friendly as possible.

Cost benefit analysis please.