Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Big H

John Kydd, age 49, arraigned in Eastern Hampshire District Court yesterday

Maybe I should start a "Heroin Dishonor Roll" just so drunk drivers don't feel singled out.  Yes, the bubble that envelops our little college town does not protect us from the opioid scourge that has swept the nation.

And growing up Irish Catholic -- even though not still practicing -- (almost before Amherst was known as a "college town") one ingrained belief you never lose is the concept of a second chance.  As in everyone deserves one. 

This was Mr. Kydd's second offense.

He was released on his own recognizance, assigned a public defender (at a $300 charge) and will return to District Court on August 18.


Anonymous said...

I believe that he was shooting Heroin, not an Opiod


Larry Kelley said...

Looked to me from the police report he was doing both.

Anonymous said...

Just in from the future:

Failed to make court appearance.

Dr. Ed said...

Heroin is an Opioid. It is a concentrated form of Opium, coming from the sap of the Opium Poppy, which grows well in places like Afghanistan and Turkey. (Also Maine, but that is another story...)

Even synthetic forms of a drug (or pesticide) derived from a plant are commonly characterized as being derived from that plant.

Larry is right. Even if he was only "shooting" a Schedule II version of this category of drugs, doing that and (I presume) without a valid script are both criminal offenses.

Jay said...

Heroin is an Opiate; derived from the opium poppy. Opioid describes manufactures or synthetic drugs. There are synonymous now but at one time they represented specific drug classifications so both posters are correct.