Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Recreational Alliance

Community Field (rt), War Memorial Pool (ctr) High School Field (left)

The Amherst Center Recreation Working Group looks like it is finally getting off the drawing board as members will be announced before the end of August with a kick off meeting to take place in September.

Since the group will be looking at both town and school owned property, it's fitting that the first meeting will occur in September when our education oriented town springs back into life after an all too brief summer hiatus.

Town Manager John Musante originally announced the study committee back in December, 2014 although the Leisure Services & Supplemental Education (Rec Dept) Commission originally complained back in 2010 about the embarrassing conditions at Community Field.

 Field named after "Mr. Baseball" Stan Ziomek, father of Assistant Town Manager Dave Ziomek

Then Town Manager Larry Shaffer first floated the idea of a spray park to replace the ailing War Memorial Wading Pool, since demolished by the DPW.   Currently the town is considering Groff Park (not part of the Working Group's study area) as a possible location for a spray park.

 Former site of the War Memorial Wading Pool

The adjacent "big pool", built 1960, was renovated in 2012 via a $200K state grant but the surrounding children's play area has not been updated since President Kennedy was in the White House.

At the Select Board meeting Monday night member Doug Slaughter, who is also a school employee, volunteered to be "liaison" to the new study group.   Director of Facilities (for both the town and schools) Ron Bohonowicz is also expected to be a member.

SB Chair Alisa Brewer strongly suggested Slaughter should be more than just a liaison, aka he should be a voting member of the group.  The Town Manager makes the appointments but they must be approved by the Select Board so it's a safe bet he will take that suggestion.

 Wildwood School (below), Middle School (left), Hawthorn property (top right) High School field (top left corner)


Anonymous said...

It must be so nice to not have to work every day, Larry. Just popping in on any town meeting, taking aerial pics with your drone... Just a kid at play. Privileged is the term.

Larry Kelley said...

Actually I stayed at the Select Board meeting Monday night for an hour longer than the only other reporter who bothered to show up. And that's when this particular discussion took place.

And considering some of the meetings I've covered over the past six months you could not find a person -- at any pay rate -- to endure them.

Walter Graff said...

Good job Larry. Your efforts are fantastic. You've made a difference. Sad that 99% of the posters choose to do so anonymously. But then again that is a good reflection of the Amherst population.

Larry Kelley said...

Thanks Walter. I never let the haters get me down. In fact, I would be bummed if I did NOT hear from them (because then I would know I'm not doing a good job).

Anonymous said...

Hater?? You misinterpreted my post. I am JEALOUS that you get to float through life without having to work a job to feed your family like I (and most of us) do.

Larry Kelley said...

Actually CAN, I think you're jealous because I have bigger balls than you.

Which of course is pretty easy, since you don't have ANY.

Anonymous said...

Dear 6:24:
You should know by now that whenever you disagree with or upset anyone in this town they call you a hater. And if Larry hates CANS so much, why does he not curtail theoption to sign that way?

Larry Kelley said...

Because SOME people would be at risk for divulging information or offering an opinion that criticizes policies favored by their bosses.

Obviously not a Cowardly Anon Nitwit like yourself.

Anonymous said...

Another hater, eh, Lar?

Larry Kelley said...

I only really have one or two, but they are pretty dedicated stalkers.