Friday, July 3, 2015

South Amherst Office Park Expansion

Amherst Office Park (looking from the east).  New building on right

The Amherst Office Park, a sedate mix of government, business, and some residential space had been expanding with a new building about every five years after their initial founding almost 40 years ago.

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Except for the recent past when they hit a dry spell, as the last building went up overlooking the Hickory Ridge Golf Course back in 1998.

 Building will have solar panels top roof center section

That will all change come September as a new 30,000 square foot three story, energy efficient building comes on line. 

As with most mixed-use buildings the first floor is commercial and the upper two residential, providing 16 apartments, 14 of them one-bedroom and only two 2-bedroom.

The basement also received approval for one additional one-bedroom apartment unit.

 All but 2 of the 16 units have balconies

Each apartment has one full-bathroom and one half-bathroom.  The two 2 bedroom apartments have two full-bathrooms and one half-bathroom.   Rents range from $1,000 per month for a smaller one bedroom, $1,450 for a larger one bedroom and $1,650 for the largest two bedroom units.

Thanks to the Amherst "Stretch Code", which added about 30% to the cost of construction, all the units are super energy efficient with extra insulated walls and windows.  And yes there's even a fitness room. 

  High efficiency water heaters
Mitsubishi heating/cooling units

Building has six garages for rent although there's plenty of free parking on site

You can tell the complex is family-owned as the buildings don't look nearly their age and the new building gets fine detail attention even in the stairwell.

While I was being given a tour this fine Friday morning (second generation) owner/developer Ron LaVerdiere was lugging 45 pound bags to their destination.

 Wood enclosed window in the stairwell(Building does have an elevator)

The Amherst Master Plan recommends increasing density in the Village Centers. This new mixed-use building is the best of both worlds -- adding badly needed residential units along with low-impact commercial office space.

South Amherst will be all the better because of it.  

 Amherst Office Park from the south.  Note new solar panels.  New building top center


Anonymous said...

Did Amherst switch their fireworks to tonight, did the display get set off by accident- or is there a group at UMass having a firework display tonight?

WTH is going on???

Larry Kelley said...

Just the usual pre 4th revelry.

Anonymous said...

Any of it affordable housing?

Larry Kelley said...

No, since they did not require a Special Permit the town's Inclusionary Zoning by-law mandating 10% be affordable did not apply.

Anonymous said...

The price of admission for an "office park" is car ownership. A small price to pay today, a large one tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Another moonbat who thinks government can control the sun and the earth.

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of those apartments, but I could not afford that rent. My mortgage in the affordable houses (Orchard Valley) is less than $800/month. And I've got three bedrooms.