Tuesday, July 7, 2015

DUI Dishonor Roll

The rate of drunk driving is highest among 21 to 25 year olds (23.4%)

When it comes to drunk drivers Amherst was no more dangerous over the holiday weekend than usual.  Of course the bad news is "usual" means APD took two potential killers off the road: Sage Grasso-Monroe (age 19) and Josh McDuffe (age 22).

The scary news is how many did they not catch?

Both had a plea of innocent entered in their behalf by Judge Shea and their cases continued for pre-trial until next month as they were going to hire their own private attorney.

Joshua McDuffe stands before Judge Shea
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Sage Grasso-Monroe stands before Judge Shea 


Anonymous said...

hmmm. missed one an amherst business man...a townie....on purpose??

Larry Kelley said...

I cover weekends. More bang for my time.

Anonymous said...

in the gazette arrested on snell st sturdy early a.m. equal opportunity???

Larry Kelley said...

Problem with the Gazette is by the time you read it in print it's too late to go to Eastern Hampshire District Court and observe the arraignment, where you can take a photo and get a copy of the police report (which usually has more detail than what reporters get just by interviewing the detective in charge of public information).

Anonymous said...

Looks like one cop arrested two of 'em. How many cops were working?

Anonymous said...

You should check your facts before you publish things. This blog is irresponsible and ridiculous... but then I guess any person can post anything on the internet.

Larry Kelley said...

As you can plainly see, I rely on official court documents.

It is what it is.

Anonymous said...

I read this on another one of your "blog posts" and it's totally worth reiterating.

The implicit condemnation and singling out, conveyed by this blog, of people arrested locally for this one specific crime, who are, after all, presumed innocent in our justice system, seems a bit harsh to me. I assume that these three people today were all first offenders, which can be inferred also from the fact that they did not refuse the breath test.

As someone who prosecuted OUI cases over and over for 4 years in District Court, and then occasionally of multiple offenders after that in Superior Court, I know that the experience of being arrested for OUI is in and of itself a truly miserable one, that ideally involves some painful self-examination and regret by the accused. I know from years of looking at CORI checks that many people get arrested for this particular offense, and never get in trouble with the law again. I doubt that the additional kick in the head of public, permanent shaming on this blog (and then the anonymous name-calling like that featured above by Anon 9:46 pm) serves any additional worthwhile deterrence interest.

I suspect that, if we think about it, the vast majority of us, including Anon 9:46 p.m, can think of instances when we did something similarly stupid and dangerous. We didn't end up with our names and pictures on-line forever....and we didn't do it again.
Rich Morse

Anonymous said...

Do the words "potential killers" appear in court documents? Those words are yours acting as judge and jury. Justify it anyway you like but it is still irresponsible, unfair, and just plain wrong. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty in this country for a reason.

Larry Kelley said...

Mr. Morse:

Singled out?

As of the 3 articles I posted today (none of which had to do with drunk driving) my total number of articles posted over the 7.5 years comes to 3,842 with 120 of them "DUI Dishonor Roll" posts, or barely over 3%.

Next month when I start posting "Party House of the Weekend" somebody else will say I focus on that too much. And the overall percentage is probably about the same as DUI stories.

Also next month when I start posting about the town flying the flags on 9/11 you will say I drumbeat that too much (and that particular issue is easily less than 1% total).

Anon 9:58 PM

You don't like the (accurate) term "potential killers," feel free to file a libel/slander lawsuit.