Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Sunderland Fire

AFD Chief Nelson (white shirt) on scene with Sunderland FD at Cliffside Apartments, Sunderland

A half dozen area Fire Departments responded to the call (around 6:45 PM) for mutual aid by Sunderland Fire Department after they were first on the scene of a stove fire at the Cliffside Apartments that extended into the entire kitchen.

The smokey fire was quickly put down -- "A great stop" said AFD Chief Nelson -- with no injuries to any residents or first responders.

FD on scene:  Sunderland, Amherst, Hadley, Greenfield, South Deerfield, Whately, Montague Center.

 Firefighters ventilating the apartment

AFD Engine 4 (functioning as Engine 2)  on scene
Montague Center FD on scene
Fortunately the South County EMS ambulance was not needed 
South Deerfield ladder truck


Anonymous said...

damn. the only real time i want to see a drone pic, it's not there. want to know which building this happened in.

Larry Kelley said...

The one closest to the main entry.

Anonymous said...

I thought AFD got new firefighting gear- How come the amherst chief didnt wear any? Set a good example!!!

Larry Kelley said...

I think he keeps it in the trunk of his car, and probably only puts it on if he's going to get hands on with the Beast.

Anonymous said...

The bigger question is, isnt the person standing next to him, in turnout gear, one who left AFD on disability? How odd.

Anonymous said...

The person standing next to the Chief is not an AFD member. Thank you for your concern.

Jeff Parr

Anonymous said...

Mr Parr is technically correct. That person is no longer a member of AFD due to disability retirement.