Saturday, July 25, 2015

Home Again

Engine 2 this morning at North Station (because she doesn't fit into Central Station)

Engine 2, "the quint", is back at North Station after a couple weeks hiatus for repairs.  The quint is one of two aerial trucks in the AFD arsenal.

Ladder 1 is a traditional heavy duty aerial truck with a 102' ladder while Engine 2 is a lighter version with a 75' motorized ladder.

The quint is essentially a hybrid of an engine and a pumper and gets its nickname because of the five basic functions it serves:  firepump, an on-board water tank, hose storage, an aerial/elevated platform with water gun at the top, and a bevy of ground ladders.

Engine 2 seats 6 (although probably has never hit that limit) and carries 500 gallons of water.  Thus the 2,000 gallons per minute pump could drain the on-board water supply in 15 seconds.

 Engine 2 has a 75' aerial ladder

AFD's other (circa 1988) aerial platform truck, Ladder 1, is currently out of action for yearly maintenance and repairs/upgrades. 

 The quint on scene this morning for 2 car MVC.  Lexus rear-ended APD supervisor's vehicle

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