Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Can You Find Me Now?

New sign near Sweetser Park

Three new signs were installed yesterday at both ends and the middle of the long stretch of frontage at the Emily Dickinson Homestead Museum, perhaps Amherst's greatest cultural asset.

Not that small businesses in the downtown would mind having foreign travelers stopping in to ask direction and grabbing a cup coffee.  The Museum attracts 15,000 visitors annually.
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Original Signage:  Large one left will be removed small one in driveway replaced by slightly larger one moved down closer to sidewalk

New sign in driveway installed yesterday

Last September the Amherst Planning Board gave Site Plan Approval for renovations at the Museum and waived restrictions about the signs over size and placement.

Corner of Main & Triangle Street

Sweetser Park: now if we could just get the town to spruce up some of their signs ...


Anonymous said...

15,000 maybe, but most of those are student field trips and hence, no business in Amherst prospers from the 'tourism'.

Anonymous said...

Do you mean Sweetser Park?

Larry Kelley said...

I did. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Signs of any size, no rules apply. If you're the right group.

Larry Kelley said...

Well, I would not go that far.

They had to submit in advance the size of the signs and they were only marginally out of compliance with the current sign law specifications.

Had they tried to go with one the size of a tractor trailer truck I think the Planning Board would have said no.