Thursday, July 9, 2015

Show Me The $

Regional School Committee mid-May

Has the Phoebe Prince tragedy really been so long ago that bureaucrats have already forgotten?  God I hope not.

One lesson learned that from the sad affair is that money paid out as a "settlement" by a PUBLIC School is PUBLIC MONEY and therefor subject to PUBLIC disclosure law.

Even if an insurance company should cover it, that only means rates go up next yearTherefore still a cost to taxpayers.  Or if the former employee is offered a full year's salary as a going away bonus.

The general public has a right to know the exact amount of the settlement (notice the Schools actually use that word) paid to Carolyn Gardner to settle her lawsuit.

And I find it stunning that the Regional School Committee, who prepares and passes the Regional budget, was not informed PRIOR to the settlement.

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Email to Regional School Committee on Tuesday announcing settlement

Select Board litigation update 3/2/15


Anonymous said...

Did the FBI do a handwriting analysis of the notes? Is there any evidence that she may have perpetrated this crime on herself in order to benefit from it?

Larry Kelley said...

I believe the FBI was contacted but I doubt they did a handwriting analysis.

Anonymous said...

"Republication" is the best name ever for the Springfield newspaper

Larry Kelley said...

I'm sure they have been called a lot worse.

Anonymous said...

Today provides yet another page in The Maria Geryk Transparency Playbook.

Dr. Ed said...

I have personally dealt with a hell of a lot worse than that Delta Charlie could ever have had to deal with -- even if what she alleged were true. This is the sort of thing that makes me think that the racists & sexists aren't wrong, that maybe I need to support causes (and schmucks) I consider morally repellant just in order to have a fair chance in life.

I at least am old enough to have had undergrad professors who -- as soldiers in WW-II -- liberated death camps. Men whose lives were shaped by what they saw and the concept of "never again, to anyone!"

We don't have that anymore, and I fear that a lot of White men, seeing what Gardner received, will listen to the siren songs of racism & sexism.

And as to "Republication", that's unprofessional. It makes me question the competence of both the person writing it and of Team Maria as a whole, particularly if (a)no one else noticed it and (b) she didn't try to fix it.

Oh, wait, we are talking about Team Maria here....

Clueless in Loserville said...

May I be drained dry, as well???


-Squeaky Squeaks

p.s. Kurt Geryk simply loves every little penny of it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Ed, for as always reminding us that this is about YOU.

Anonymous said...

No, it's still about Gardner. Must we be played to our dying day by that infernal woman and her victimhood? Go. Enjoy the reparation.Who do you think she'll split the money with?