Thursday, July 2, 2015

Last Measure Of Devotion

Flags across the Commonwealth are flying at half staff today to remember and honor Captain Richard W. Vincent, D Company, 2nd  Battalion, 18th Marines, 2nd Marine Division, United States Marine Corps.

He was killed in action the first day of bloody fighting on the far flung island of Tarawa, but his remains were recovered only last October.  He will be buried today in his hometown, Westfield.

Semper Fidelis Captain.  Welcome home. 


Anonymous said...

I guess I was mistaken but I though that D Company would have been in the First Battalion of a regiment (4 companies per battalion, A B C D, in the First Battalion, E F G H in the Second Battalion, and so forth). Or was that just in the army in WWII, but not in the Marine Corps?
Thanks and all honor and respect to this fallen hero member of the Greatest Generation.

Jackie M'Vemba said...

May God bless and keep Captain Vincent.