Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Party House of the Weekend?

 APD Mobile Command Center on Phillips Street around midnight Saturday

There wasn't one! How cool is that?

Yes, the Extravaganja festival that attracted a massive crowd of "college aged youth" to the heart of our most public Amherst Town Common for the entire day and a sold out techno concert at the Mullins Center that started packing them in around the same time Extravaganja shut down probably had a lot do do with it.

But the main factor was more than likely a very heavy police presence throughout the town with particular attention paid to the usual suspects.  For instance on Saturday APD simply stationed a black and white patrol car at the entrance to Hobart Lane and another at the intersection of Phillips and Alan Streets.

In addition to nearly a half dozen patrol cars they also mobilized the Personal Transport Vehicle (not to be confused with Paddy Wagon) and a Portable Command Center. UMass police were also out in force as they were last week helping to patrol town territory.

But the other new impressive presence was provided by Massachusetts State Police.  Lots of them.  While I heard a Hadley police officer report back to dispatch "a dozen MSP units" converge on a party house in Hadley, I only spotted a half dozen around Amherst over the course of Saturday night early Sunday morning.

But kind of like the Texas Ranger motto "one riot one ranger," a few state troopers go a l-o-n-g way. 

Mullins Center Rusko concert lets out just after midnight Saturday


Anonymous said...

there wasn't one because all the students were so mellow after the festival. maybe amherst should allow more consumption?

Anonymous said...

When there are more legitimate entertainment options in licensed, well-controlled venues, Amherst residents will have less need to create their own illicit venues. Much has been made about skewed housing demand ratios, but little about how development of entertainment venues (and places to socialize in general) has lagged far behind population growth.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking "Blue Wall" and the Spring Concert on the Pond, UMass offers nothing now.

Concerned Student said...

Hi Larry,

I think you needed to see this. It is ridiculous this is our new student advocate. This new SGA President Zac Broughton and Cabinet needs to get their heads out of their asses. I am embarrassed to have these as my representatives. I guess it takes a party girl to represent them


- a concerned student

Anonymous said...

Damn she's hot