Monday, April 15, 2013

Patriotic Weekend

 UMPD Deathstar, errr, Incident Command Center deployed

So once again beefed up Amherst and UMass police patrols seemed to keep the peace in our little college town over the long weekend, although officials also put into play the "Walk This Way" campaign late Saturday night into early Sunday morning to keep roving bands of college aged youths from disturbing neighborhoods immediately adjacent to southern UMass.

 She told me to ...

A sagacious neighbor on Fearing Street, however, reports about 1,700 passers by that night, a little higher foot traffic than usual. 

Stephanie O'Keeffe, Chair Amherst Select Board turned traffic cop

Unfortunately another large roving band of youth 300 strong, walking from deep North Amherst back to campus Saturday night, trashed signs along the eastern side of Sunderland Road.  

Cowls Building Supply sign down and out

  ProSensing sign down but not out

Town Sign near Watroba's

Amherst police broke up a number of party houses but no major incidents requiring outside reinforcements.  

APD shut down a party house at 327 Lincoln Avenue without incident
Residents at 78 Northampton Road got off with a warning

2 young ladies arrested at 117 Northampton Road 1:15 AM


Anonymous said...

Stephanie is looking to get herself on the receiving end of a civil rights violation complaint -- she is a town official with actually more authority than a police officer -- it wouldn't take much to make her "request" into a "violation of civil rights under color of law."

Anonymous said...

If by "color of law" you mean the yellow shirt she is wearing, then yes, I agree. It's hideous! She should be fine by the FASHION police.

Dr. ED said...

Listening to parents who can't find and haven't heard from their children gives one perspective -- Amherst, you really don't know what real problems are.

Anonymous said...

Ed, go to Hell.

Dr. Ed said...

Ed, go to Hell

How very articulate. How well reasoned. And how morally defensible.