Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bomb Scare Hadley

UMPD blocks off Westgate Center Road 2:00 PM today

So I guess we should prepare ourselves for a lot of these "suspicious package" incidents.

Hadley PD and FD stage

Ladder Truck arrives

Evacuated employees wait in Staples parking lot

Ch 3 on scene, Ch 22 en route


Dr. Ed said...

Larry, unless the Town of Hadley has taken to painting "UMass" on their cop cars, that is a UMPD cruiser blocking the road in front of the yellow HFD truck.

It also is interesting how seriously something like this is taken if it *wasn't* foreign terrorists in the Back Bay yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Really Ed? What the hell is your problem? Larry, when you stop publishing these bizarre comments?

Anonymous said...

I clearly see a Hadley police car in one of your photos, Larry.

Anonymous said...

Ed, we are seriously losing patience with you.

Take a break.

Anonymous said...

My problem is that a lot of people seem to think that the UMass students are incredibly rich, that they should be bled of as much of their money as possible, and that they are entitled to both make a living (without working hard) and not paying for anything merely because it is politically more expedient to make the UMass students pay for it.

My problem is that a lot of people in Amherst & Hadley don't want to pay to police their own towns because they can shift some of the burden to the UMPD -- and the cost to the UMass Students who are paying for the UMPD.

My problem is that there is a total lack of truth-in-advertising to those who are stupid enough to believe what they are told before they are committed into throwing good money after bad out there -- and that UM is currently exempt from Chapter 93A (although I may be getting that changed shortly).

UMass Delenda Est -- I'm sure that there are more deserving public institutions closer to where the majority of the children of the Commonwealth live -- and the time for a public university out in the left end of the state makes less and less sense....

Walter Graff said...

Yeah, the Hadley Staples is the first place one thinks would be a great place to cause death to masses. Unfortunately the store is empty most of the day so to any idiot thinking it's a great place to cause damage, you're wasting your time. In fact I wonder if Staples will keep the store open much longer. (Hint Hint).

Thankfully this isn't an area high on the let's blow up people scale. No place should be because hurting humans over your ideology is WRONG. Unfortunately the real idiots are the ones who think God wants them to kill everyone or those that think the government here is out to take over the world so must be destroyed. Everyone is so fooled into thinking guns kill people. They forgot that it's really the idiots that can easily get a gun that do that.

Bombs don't kill people either, idiots that build them do. Unfortunately we can't regulate either it seems and even if we could it wouldn't stop people from killing and hurting others for stupid self centered reasons.

I watched this video today and thought of the poor innocent people who died or were hurt today and I cried like a baby. My prayers are with their families.


Anonymous said...

as always...so profound.

Anonymous said...

ʍɐlʇǝɹ, I don't think it's very nice of you to call the people who built the bombs that were dropped on nagasaki and hiroshima "idiots". They ended the war, you know, and my daddy got to come home.