Saturday, April 20, 2013

Snowstorm Silver Lining

 Snowplow Amherst Town Center 2/9/13

Although it took the federal government less than a week to declare Boston a disaster area after the terrorist bombing, the epic snowstorm that caused the entire state to "shelter in place" took over two months for Massachusetts to garner that designation, bringing aid in the form of federal dollars.

Same day declarations by President Obama (who did quite well in Mass back in November)

Guilford Mooring Amherst DPW Chief

Amherst DPW Director Guilford Mooring submitted a request to MEMA for $100,000 that includes vehicles, material and 72 hours of work for storm clean up.  The amount was only an "estimate" so the actual grant could be more (or less).

The money will go to cover deficit spending in the "snow and ice removal" budget and the surplus will go back into the General Fund.

Although it would be nice to set some aside for union raises for DPW employees, firefighters, police officers, police supervisors and service employees whose contracts all expire July 1st.

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