Monday, April 22, 2013

DUI Dishonor Roll

2010 fatal DUI crashes, 64% involved drivers ages 21-34 

I can now put a name to the face of the driver APD pulled off the road only a hundred yards from a packed downtown at the height of the Extravaganja "celebration" late Saturday afternoon:  Brien Michael O'Connor, age 21, a UMass student.

And since he's majoring in Finance maybe he can better calculate the economic impact of a DUI on his record (should the judge agree of course).

Brien Michael O'Connor

Runner up winner for this disturbing distinction of "most dangerous" DUI goes to someone who should know better:  local businessman Emmanuel Proust ... bagged only a mile from town center, speeding, and his car showed damage from a possible accident just prior to being pulled over.  Second offense no less.

And to round out the list, two more UMass students, both pulled from their potentially deadly weapons just after the bewitching hour early Friday and early Sunday morning.  

APD administers a Field Sobriety Test in the heart of downtown early Sunday morning.  Small amount of class D (pot) was confiscated


samuel waumberg said...

what business does the guy own?

Larry Kelley said...

You don't have to own a business in order to be considered a local businessman.

DaveMB said...

Spelling error again in title of this post: you mean "Dishonor Roll".

Nice to see the mainstream media following up on your work with the story on Amherst landlords!

Larry Kelley said...

Yeah, that has become one of my quirks. Just like Barny Blowout instead of the correct "Blarney Blowout".

Anonymous said...

since when is a chef a businessman?

this kind of mudslinging is what makes this blog a laughingstock. if i were mr. proust, i would definitely be upset.

but you won't post this, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Didn't used to be innocent until PROVEN guilty?

Dr. ED said...

You know Larry, much as you pressure UMass to punish the UM kids, you ought to have posted the name and contact information of the "Businessman's" employer along with a demand that equal public pressure be made upon the latter to fire him.

Fair is fair, is it not? And much as you organize pressure on UM to punish their students who do things, ought you not equally organize pressure on other employers to do likewise?

Larry Kelley said...

My tax dollars do not subsidize a private restaurant in downtown Amherst.

Anonymous said...

But didn't it subsidize the degree they stupidly gave you

Larry Kelley said...

Both of them I suppose.

Dr. Ed said...

My tax dollars do not subsidize a private restaurant in downtown Amherst.

Are you sure?

First, there are a variety of tax incentive programs available to businesses, those are taxpayer subsidies for everything from hiring the retarded kid to wash dishes to using solar electric power.

Second, are you absolutely sure that none of the restaurant's customers are spending public assistance dollars there? Remember the woman who made the national news when she refused to accept EBT cards a year or so back?

Third, if this restaurant participates in the "Taste of Amherst" -- which I believe is supported in part by taxpayer dollars -- then yes, Virginia, there are taxpayer dollars going to this restaurant.....