Saturday, April 13, 2013

Doctor, Doctor, Give Me The News

The parking lot at 17 Research Drive, Amherst was overflowing all late afternoon yesterday -- ironically enough, just the thing a well-connected NIMBY was concerned about -- but this was for a special one-off occasion:  the gala grand opening celebration of the Atkinson Family Practice medical building.

Dr Kate was her usual smiling self as was husband Steve.  Kate announced to the exuberant crowd the building was named in his honor for being such a rock of support in the multi-year project that at times mimicked the sentencing of Sisyphus to push a large boulder up a steep hillside.

But all's well that ends well, and for the thousands of patients who rely on Dr. Kate for good health, it could not have culminated any better. 

Steve and Kate Atkinson


Dr Ed said...

Let me see, a doctor builds an office kinda right next to where there are a bunch more medical offices (and this funky Walgreens that only has prescription drugs for people it likes) and everyone freaks out.

What if someone wanted to put an adult bookstore or stripclub in there????

Anonymous said...

insightful as ever, thanks ED.

Anonymous said...

I'm serious about the strip club -- ask the Town of Salsbury about that one -- you can't prohibit it by zoning.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I know you're serious, Ed. That's what's disturbing.

Dr. E said...

Which is why I can't see why people fought Dr Kate. If the entire area is built out, then there can't be anything else, so sorry strip club folks, but there's no vacant land.

And as to traffic -- 10 cars coming and going every hour versus 100 all coming in at 8:30, leaving at noon, coming back at 12:30 and leaving at 5PM -- traffic that is spread out is going to be less noticable.

Which is why I really don't understand why she had such a problem building this place.