Sunday, April 7, 2013

Taking It All Off (for a good cause)

Tony Maroulis Amherst Chamber of Commerce Director (after shot)

It was actually nice to go to an Amherst party scene with loud music, alcohol and lots of good friends all having a great time, without worrying about a police response ... or more precisely, the crowd responding to the police response.

Live (above ground) band

And even though there was not a cover charge at the door (for an all-you-can-drink red plastic cup) the St Baldrick's shave your head to help children with cancer event at Rafter's Sports Bar has thus far raised almost $50,000.

 Heck, I'll drink to that!  (NA of course).

Large crowd under the bigtop

Ryan Willey before

Ryan Willey soon after


Dr. Ed said...

If the college kids were willing to make a similar sum total donation to charity, would you object to them having a loud concert?

I still say it is who it is and not what they are doing....

Larry Kelley said...

No objection at all.

As long as they have their loud concert at a commercial establishment licensed for such activity.

I would also complain if the carnival next month set up in a residential backyard.