Tuesday, April 16, 2013

DUI Dishonor Roll

 Average drunk driver has driven drunk 80 times before 1st arrest

Last week all of my "winners" were UMass students; this week only two-thirds, so I guess that's progress.

Both AFD and APD were kept busy all weekend dealing with the by product of alcohol abuse ... The system, however, held.

Easthampton FD at Mullins Center Saturday (Westfield was en route to CDH)

 In addition to having six ambulances staffed -- the highest number in history -- AFD convinced the Mullins Center to bring in two additional ambulances (from Westfield and Easthampton) to help cover concerts on Saturday and Sunday.

AFD at Amherst College loading ETOH female student 1:31 AM Sunday

 Even though there were only four ETOH (alcohol OD) transports during the Sunday "spring concert" another 18 patients were treated at the scene.  And at the Euphoria concert on Saturday another ten were treated without transport.

And for every ambulance in town we had at least one police patrol car on the road as well.

Early Friday morning (12:22 AM) Amherst Police stopped Edward Fermosa for a simple traffic violation -- right turn on red -- leading to the up close and personal contact that brings on a Field Sobriety Test, which he flunked.

He was then arrested, hands cuffed behind his back and gently escorted to 111 Main Street for booking.

Early Saturday morning (1:07 AM) Amherst Police arrested William Zimmerman for DUI and Driving to Endanger

And only about an hour later (2:17 AM) Amherst Police arrested Timothy Moliterno for DUI and Driving to Endanger.


Anonymous said...

I have never understood why a vehicle operated under the influence is not presumptively and permanently forfeited as an immenent threat to the public safety.

I may be wrong, but I think there is precedent for this in the way that vehicles transporting narcotics are handled.

I still think the drivers should be subject to prosecution - but the first order of business is to get the vehicles off the road. Permanently. Drunk drivers don't kill people - the vehicles they pilot do.

Anonymous said...

I have never understood...

I may be wrong...

I sill think...

Give it a break for a while, I promise you I'm giving you some good advice, Ed.

Anonymous said...

but I am puzzled. On my third comment in 2 years I am advised by the most prolific commenter on the blog to "give it a break."

Is it style? content? relevance? anonymity?

In my case it certainly isn't hypergraphia, as my resumption of lurking will show

Dr. Ed said...

Give it a break for a while, I promise you I'm giving you some good advice, Ed

Be careful about libel, my friend, and I am giving you some good advice because I didn't write that!

Anyone who knows me knows that I actually would vehemently oppose that position on civil liberties grounds. Not that it matters -- and I don't intend to debate the issue -- only state that I would have no difficulty convincing a jury that I hadn't written that.

So you folk can have your pathological hatred of all things Ed, but I didn't write that. It isn't even my writing style...

Anonymous said...

Ed, when will you be drinking downtown...we can discuss your 237th make-believe lawsuit then.

I'd love to meet you bro, serious.

Anonymous said...

Besides, Ed, I wasn't even talking about you, I was talking about ED, another guy I know who got invited to the secret meeting at UMass.

Dr. Ed said...

Ed, when will you be drinking downtown...we can discuss your 237th make-believe lawsuit then.

1: I don't make appointments to meet creepy anonymous individuals, even if they should happen to be attractive women.

2: I'm writing a book. When it comes out in a few years, you can buy a copy just like everyone else.

3: If some of the folk I know talk me into being a lead plaintiff in a class action suit, well, money is nice....

4: If some nitwit c-head wants to give me "advice" -- well I can give "advice" as well. Which is what I did.

5: I'm not so sure I'd want to be in the same bar as you -- the police tend to consider EVERYONE in a building to be equally guilty in the event of problems, and I don't need your mud soiling my clothes.

Anonymous said...

If they call you down to D.C. before your editor approves your final copy, will you let me read the draft for a small fee?

Anonymous said...

I don't foresee any "problems", Ed.

I'll casually say hello and make some chit-chat and introduce myself some evening downtown. I'll say hello again next time I see you. The time after that, perhaps you won't feel so creeped out, and maybe I'll reveal myself as "anon", and we can have the talk.

I promise I won't soil your clothes.

Anonymous said...


I want to meet you...

not in the day.

not in the night.

rather, in--sort of--half-night. you know?

TM said...

I'm glad you find joy in asserting assumptions safely across the border from defamation. I was on my way home(.5mi) from working hard and sedentarily on a programming project. I had split a six pack earlier in the night and blew a .09% after being stopped in my own parking lot for a missing headlight. I was not convicted. I would appreciate removal of the last section. Thank you.