Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Amherst Pharmacy Robbery #2

APD Shift Supervisor on scene Amherst Pharmacy 6:00 PM

UPDATE:  They got him!  Great job APD!

APD reports

Original Post Wednesday late afternoon

The second pharmacy robbery this week (CVS in town center was hit Monday) was called in a little after 5:00 PM this afternoon. This time Amherst Pharmacy on College Street was the victim.

Amherst police are now searching (with a K9 provided by Orange PD) for a white male, wearing light blue jeans, purple sweatshirt, brown sneakers possible associated with a Subaru station wagon with Vermont license plate.

No weapon was used in either robbery and in both cases a note was passed to a sales clerk.

Perp who hit CVS on Monday


Dr. Ed said...

OK, I will ask -- was it money or drugs that he was after? My guess is the latter -- and two in the same town inside 3 days, wow...

Dr. Ed said...

I am going to say this: If you didn't have 27,000 or so potential witnesses who both fear and despise the Amherst Police, you'd have a whole lot better chance of someone coming forward with something that he isn't even sure is relevant but just happens to be the one little piece the cops need to make an ID and/or arrest.

A week ago in Boston, a guy going to his car on a rooftop parking area found what he thought was a damaged hubcap, he didn't think it was related to the bombings, but he turned it in anyway -- and that's how the authorities got the cover to one of the pressure cooker bombs -- it had landed on a roof, 5 floors up.

Exactly how many UM students would feel safe reporting something to the APD, particularly if they weren't even sure it was relevant?

And how many are going to see/say absolutely nothing?

Larry Kelley said...

I'm pretty sure it was drugs. I heard another local town Dispatch say he got away with syringes.

But then I also heard that Dispatch say he was "taken into custody."

I did hear our infallible Dispatch say he had no weapon and "passed a note," which does match up with the M.O. of the CVS job.

Anonymous said...

Or was the note "taken into custody"?

This kind of risk just for syringes? During daylight -- and downtown?

Larry Kelley said...

Yeah, drug users are not particularly bright.

Anonymous said...

The guy who owns and operates this new pharmacy sure has been the victim of thieves more than once, starting long before he opened the pharmacy...