Friday, July 1, 2016

The American Way

Land off Moody Bridge Road/South Maple Street, Hadley

The guaranteed way to preserve a scenic view is to buy it. And as long as you don't use tax dollars that come out of everybody -- even those who don't like scenic views -- conservatives have no problem with it.

For instance, over a 100 neighbors in North Amherst signed a petition article for the town to take the Cherry Hill Golf Course by eminent domain thirty years ago and we ended up paying $2.2 million ($4.4 million in today's dollars) simply to avoid a 134 unit high end housing development around the golf course.
Cherry Hill absorbs a lot of sun, and tax dollars

Since then the municipally operated white elephant golf business has gone on to squander over $1 million in operations.

But the plea to save the beautiful open space in our neighboring farm town will use privately donated money, and the land has nothing to do with the luxurious game of golf.

So I wish them well.

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Anonymous said...

An odd concept that when it's preserving our country's land with taxpayer money it's wrong because not everyone wants it, but when it's buying tanks or missiles it's all right, even if not everyone wants it.

Larry Kelley said...

Some things are more important than others, like public safety vs recreation.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:22. As far as I can see government works on majority rule though I admit it is often not a direct democracy, thus we live in a republic. Now I know you think the majority of people are against large defense spending but that is mostly your friends who don't win many elections. Everyone thinks they speak for the people!

Anonymous said...

Another way to protect land, cheaply, is to zone it to a use that fits the land instead of zoning it for housing or big box stores.