Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Almost There

Groff Park Wading Pool is filled with water

One of only two remaining wading pools in Amherst remains closed this hot afternoon but this morning it was being filled with cool clean water and life guard accessories were at the ready.

Unfortunately the best I could get out of town officials when I asked if it would be open for families this coming weekend was a not so concrete, "Maybe."

One h-u-g-e advantage of the spray park that will replace this 50+ year old wading pool is it does not require a lifeguard so it will save substantially on overhead costs.  


Anonymous said...

What's the timeframe for splash park construction? Will it be open next summer? This summer?

Larry Kelley said...

Not this summer, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

Boy, that lifeguard assignment at Groff Park wading pool must be rough duty.

Anonymous said...

I have beought my children over the years. It amazes how many parents forget it isn't free babysitting. Yes there is some HS student there but you still nee to pay attention. I have seen parents leave 2 or three year olds and bring other children to the BR without even mentioning it. On a rare occaszion I have seen the LG notice and tell.the parents,Some parents act great and apologize others act entitled and get angry. In my mind why would anyone leave their young child in this situation. Four years ago it was so bad we stopped going there I didn't feel like it was my job to watch other people's kids.The kids are there and the parents are else where phyisically or mentally. The LG need to ne comfortable enforcing the rules with parents that can be rough lesson for a teenager but having that comfidence is a valuable skill.

Anonymous said...

A spray park is always open--before the school year ends, before 9 am and after 5 pm. When we build it, it will be a fun kid magnet. Great idea from LSSE and the town--paid for by CPAC dollars.