Wednesday, July 20, 2016

DUI DIshonor Roll

MADD statistic:  Every two minutes a person is injured in a drunk driving crash

Only one impaired driver in the town of Amherst was taken off the road last weekend by UMass police, but statistically speaking a few more managed to escape the long arm of the law.

Hadley police bagged two.

All three individuals had a plea of not guilty entered in their behalf by Judge Thomas Estes in Eastern Hampshire District Court on Monday morning and their cases were continued until next month.
Sam Tang age 20 is arraigned in Eastern Hampshire District Court
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Ariel Barnett-Soleil, age 26, arraigned before Judge Estes
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Aaron Braithwaite, age 50, arraigned before Judge Estes


Anonymous said...

You are one of the most unkind people in this town. Please leave people to their own business and take care of yourself. We have a police and court department to address any legal violations. It is just not right for you to publicly shame anyone on your blog. These people have enough to deal with already. You are the embodiment of "mean-spirited" and "unkind"

Larry Kelley said...

Tell that to the thousands and thousands of innocent families forever altered by their interaction with a drunk driver who was left "to their own business."

Dr. Ed said...

I commend HPD Officer Broeder(?) on the objective detail of his report -- facts to establish his allegations without the hyperbole that a lot of officers seem compelled to add.

Anonymous said...

We have a right to know! We should go back to the days of stocks on the common. There is not enough shame in our society anymore! This is not private business!

Dr. Ed said...

Larry, medical malpractice kills TEN TIMES MORE people than MVAs, only 1/4 of which are actually caused by a drunk driver. Six people I care about were seriously injured or killed as a result of medical malpractice -- none by OUI.

As your UMPD arrest indicates, the officer's first suspicion was pot.

I also believe that in MA, Heroin kills more than MVAs.

Anonymous said...

Larry, I agree. There is so much lost to drunk drivers. There is no excuse. I just wonder if there is any research that supports that public shaming deters driving drunk. And, I think for public shaming to work, the offenders have to actually know that it is being shared in a wider public forum.

Anonymous said...

Ed...I need your you spell douch with an e on the end?

Anonymous said...

Ariel. She looks very pretty. I hope she figures things out because she'd be a real catch if she can get her sh*t together.

Anonymous said...

To the un-repentant/un-recalcitrant Al Anon trollarius-whi see's no need to shame drunk driving criminals-I will have you know-as a crippled for life victim of a hit & run drunk driver-4x bar hopping, illegally un-insured-I lost EVERYTHING-my ability to ever walk again-16 years of hell on earth harasment and victim shaming at nursing institutions-that YOU would never set foot in for a New York minute, I lost my right to marry or have children-was only 32 years of age, lost my family homestead and fortune,ability to have my job, can barely scrape by on $650 a mo SSI-and all this for a perp like yourself-he only did 300 hours pooper scooper service duty..poo ba a !

I know you like to be "Hot" in a bar-when I go to Amherst restaurants-I put up with verbal taunts-insults-and shaming from drinking student princes and princesses-because of my resultant medications-NOW I cannot drink or drive-the perp is out bar hopping and boozing-cruising-like theres no tomorrow-again ?

Think of all this-whilst you illegally park in "Handicapped" parking I require-to get YOUR Black Friday shopping spree Big Box discounts-what ABJECT CRIMINALITY !

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:30 while I don't understand paragraphs 2 & 3 I do feel total complete sympathy with your situation and that the first offense should be jail time and the second they should throw away the key. Having spent 2 months in a sub-par nursing home i do feel a tiny bit of your pain. Just a tiny bit. God Bless!

Sckened by admin in Pelham said...

Whether its booze, pills, herion, meth peoplec shouldn't be driving oui, dui, any Ui including texting and other distracting devices. I think piblic shaming is fine.. Its piblic record anyway.. It isnt like.Larry snuck into a closet to listen to an exec session of the school committee.. These people could have altered someone's or ended someone's life permanently.. And their families. Jail is good... Not enough hard penance these days.

Anonymous said...

I am one of these people. This man somehow acquired a photograph of me without my consent, and put it on the Internet above my personal information. Some of us have reasons not to want personal info easily available to others that has nothing to do with shame. This Blogger is putting my wellbeing at risk for the sake of a statement. You don't know me, Mr. Kelley, and someone I really don't want knowing where I am could easily find out now just by typing my name into Google. I hope others on here will support me in this.