Saturday, July 16, 2016

Pot vs Alcohol

Fratelli's will open in September at 30 Boltwood Walk

Acting as Liquor Commissioners the Amherst Select Board will hold a public hearing Monday night to decide the fate of two liquor licenses that are still valid until November 1st but currently not in use.

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 55 University Drive former home of The Hangar, future medical marijuana shop

Since the Hanger moved across the street after absorbing the much larger Amherst Brewing Company, who also had a full liquor license, it kind of makes sense they would not need their previous license under the name Afterburner Inc.

 Hangar Pub & Grill bought out Amherst Brewing Company across the street

Although they could be pulling an Eric Suher style of business where you hold on to a license so that nobody else can buy it and compete with you. 

Fratelli's has indicated they will appear at the meeting so obviously they are not in favor of the Select Board revoking it for lack of use.  A worker on site this morning said they plan to open by September 1st in their strategically well placed location.

The former location of the Hanger at 55 University Drive was the second of four marijuana dispensaries to get Select Board approval to open and the first (and so far only) to get a ZBA Special Permit.

 85 University Drive

Local developer Rich Slobody (who formerly owned Charlie's Tavern in town center) is building a 2,000 square foot building at 85 University Drive for MassMedicum the first non profit to get Select Board approval for a pot dispensary.

 Rafters on the corner of University Drive and Amity Street

And one of the most highly revered bars in Amherst for the past 25 years, Rafters Restaurant & Sports Bar, is now threatened by a 4th pot dispensary who has a $2 million purchase and sale agreement for the property strategically located on the corner of University Drive and Amity Streets, at the gateway to UMass.

Although the Zoning Board of Appeals could decide at some point that the community needs have been met with less than four dispensaries.  Which may be Rafters only hope.  


Anonymous said...

We could let the free market decide. Would be quite an honor to the flag.

Anonymous said...

I am waiting for legalized pot and I can grow my own.

Anonymous said...

"highly revered bars in Amherst" = oxymoron

Larry Kelley said...

Well I was comparing them to McMurphy's.

Anonymous said...

It's November is that place open?