Wednesday, July 27, 2016

No Scorpion Bowls For You!

Scorpion Bowls at the ready back in October on a Thursday night

While Panda East had no problem getting unanimous Select Board approval for a liquor license transfer from an absentee manager -- now replaced -- Panda did volunteer to give up serving their highly profitable Scorpion Bowls, which is kind of like McDonald's giving up serving french fries.

But like most things that offer high profit returns there was a downside: Like the temptation to serve college aged youth not yet of legal age to be consuming alcohol.

Back in January Panda East was busted for serving 17 underage individuals, many of whom did not even have a fake I.D. The Amherst Select Board voted unanimously to suspend their liquor license for two days and placed another 5 day suspension on hold for two years.

Well they did not have to wait long as they were again accused by APD of serving two underage patrons in late April, one of whom (a 17-year-old female) had to be transported by AFD to the hospital for alcohol overdose.

The Select Board discussed revoking their liquor license outright but settled on a 55-day suspension from May 4th to June 27 and required they straighten out the manager of record for a liquor license situation by that end date.

Scarlet Letter:  Posted on window last month

Attorney Kristi Bodin told the Select Board on Monday that going dry for the past two months during a tough time to do business in Amherst anyway, was actually a good thing.

Panda came to realize you don't need to rely on alcohol service to stay alive, as long as long as you have good quality food.

I'll eat to that!


Anonymous said...

Panda's lawyer learned that kissing butt and telling an untruth was the best way to keep the overseers calm. The overseers don't actually see this an a huge sign of disrespect.

Why report this obvious lie and pretend it is not? Panda did not realize anything but they are no in charge of their own business. Of course they want to sell booze.

Panda was there before most of these fools were in charge and will likely be there after, because the community appreciates the restaurant more than the overseers. The restaurant is self funded, no force. Overseers cannot claim such.

Drinking is the responsibility of the drinker. Either the parents or the person in charge of this underage violator should be punished, not the restaurant. Restaurants make food and booze, they should not need to be law enforcement. Police do not get in trouble when there are drunk drivers, they arrest the driver! But when restaurants are police, they are all of a sudden responsible. This is an insult to the police!

Just a big public funding joke with no increase in safety.

Anonymous said...

According to the anon 9:57 all package stores should sell to anyone and the parent and police should be respond for the policing. What plant are we from?

Anonymous said...

Yes, let's eliminate the local government and just let the state and federal governments handle this. (special font)

Anonymous said...

By Al Anon perp extension, burglars are NOT guilty, the intended victim homeowner is a criminal , lesson foremost :booze addled your brainium silly-what disease !!!@

Anonymous said...

As a crippled for life victim of a hit & run drunk driver-i "Get the message" from "Hot" chics n dudes-all the time-everytime-everywhere...FOREVA..that I am NOT a cool cat "Hipster" with a cold one as "Social lube-chic bait..power move..when I dine in Amherst-Sooo LIBERAL ? Now-the perps LOSE some "Social grace" Cry me a river-I can't have abeer-NOT in yours-doing road rage ? HuH ??

Anonymous said...

Good food and cheap labor that they house and transport to the job. Way to go Panda East give underage American kids booze and no jobs. Ah America, you can only get away with that crap here. Until November anyhow until our next president Donald Trump becomes president!!!

Anonymous said...

Ummm...the Donald is importing 78 foreign workers into Florida right now idiot!

Anonymous said...

You sure it's not 79 you PIN HEAD!!!