Thursday, July 7, 2016

Another Icon Gone

Stan Ziomek, aka "Mr. Baseball"

The man who made baseball, Amherst, and civic engagement his life's work has been called back.

But his memories will remain in the most prominent playing field in town named in his honor, the generations of players who came up under his tutelage or anyone who interacted with him via the Rotary, Recreation Department or his long time spent as DPW Director and Tree Warden.

 Ziomek Field, the little office he used to hand out baseball uniforms (far left) and War Memorial Pool he made happen

While I was never particularly adept at the great game of baseball I learned from Stan how to work hard at what you love, play fair, and never, ever, surrender. Qualities that served me well in sport karate.

So long Stan.  Enjoy the view.  You now have the best seat in the house.

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Anonymous said...

A fitting tribute, thank you.

Does Stan have any children or grandchildren that has carried on his passion of baseball?

Larry Kelley said...

Pro pitcher Kevin Ziomek is his grandson.

Anonymous said...

So sad to hear of this. A great, great man. RIP Mr. Baseball. Thank you for all you've done for our community.

Jean Fay

Anonymous said...

Has Kevin recovered from his shoulder surgery? What an arm!!

Larry Kelley said...

I believe so (as well as anyone can recover from joint surgery).

Anonymous said...

That was a man who truly knew what Community Service was all about. He gave me my little league uniform 50 years ago. What a true loss.

Anonymous said...

Im very sad. Stan has a wonderful family and we send our support and love. Stan was a great support to my father when he played ball and pitched during highschool. An inspiration to me as a softball player. His guidance and feedback was always right on point.
He will be greatly missed
Rebecca Casagrande

Jo Bisbee said...

Very sad to hear, he was a sweet man.
He will be missed

Anonymous said...

Thoughts headed out to Bev and the entire family.