Wednesday, July 13, 2016

New Top Economic Cop In Town

Tim O'Brien, new Amherst Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director

The Amherst Area Chamber of Commerce, after a 3.5 month search, has appointed a new Executive Director, but since they are pretty good at writing press releases I'll let them tell the story:

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kevin said...

Wow, Tim O'Brien, that is a coup. I've known Tim since 1990. He has been a visionary for the entire Pioneer Valley. Hope we can keep him.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Tim. Im curious to see his management style in action.

Anonymous said...

Will have to address apartheid -- any growth in Amherst commerce will involve the hated UM students.

Anonymous said...

It is wise for socialist communites to have economic cops....and to not fly their flags to be consistent.