Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Party On Dude

APD Captain Jen Gundersen, UMass Associate Dean  of Students Sally Linowski

The Amherst Select Board, although they never formally voted on it, gave their wholehearted support to the new joint initiative between UMass officials and Amherst police to start a weekend Party Registration Pilot Program in September for students living off-campus.

More than half of the 29,000 students who attend our flagship University live off campus.

According to Captain Jen Gundersen APD responds to between 700 and 1200 noise complaints annually and each one requires at least two officers, sometimes as many as four.

And in the vast majority of cases a simple verbal warning solves the problem.

Now that verbal warning can come first via a telephone call to the registered party house giving them a 20 minute deadline to end the party or at least quiet it considerably.

With the advent of Rental Registration Permit Bylaw the town has already seen a dramatic reduction in Party House rowdy behavior, so this experiment can be the icing on the cake.

The Select Board will hear a report in January about how well the program performed over the Fall semester.

Blarney Blowout 2014:  Party gone bad


Dr. Ed said...

Anything with Sally Linowski involved is BAD NEWS and any UM students who register a party with her are damn fools.

Linowski is a far more treacherous & vicious version of Geryk, a member of Enku's Coven.

And Larry, as soon as students realize the consequences of telling Linowski that they are going to have a party, they'll start driving to Springfield instead, knowing both that the odds of being caught for OUI are far less than for a party -- and that the consequences of getting caught are no greater.

Anonymous said...

Confirmed: Ed is a moron.

Let's see how this works. It gives the students the chance to act like adults before the police get involved. If they cannot handle their gathering THEN the cops come and the possibility for fine/arrest exists.

Dr. Ed said...

Why not post your credit card numbers here and see how that works?

What do you think Linowski is going to do with the names of those students STUPID enough to tell Linowski that they are having a party? Do you know who she is?!?!? (Her current title merely indicates how evil Enku is.)

The ends do not justify the means.

Anonymous said...

Ed: this type of initiative has worked at other large universities across the nation. Why not try it here? You bitch when the cops (who get called to a location) take action on a large party/noise complaint. You bitch when an alternative plan is suggested. You bitch at tradition. You bitch at progress.

I guess you are just a bitch. FOAD you pompous prick. Worry about Maine. Worry about your "career" in law enforcement: which was subpar by all accounts. Don't act like you had honor, you did not.

Registering a party vs divulging financial information. You are a special sort of dumb. Eabofd.

Anonymous said...

this town is full of fucking idiots

Anonymous said...

i just surmised what eabofd means. i'm proud of myself.

Anonymous said...

Eddie was in law enforcement? Do tell!

Dr. Ed said...

FOAD yourself, Penis Breath.

My career in law enforcement?!? WTF????
Seriously, WTF?

It takes some kind of cowardice to anonymously attack my honor. It is you, penis breath, who lack honor.

And as to "every one else is doing it" excuse, a lot of the same large universities look the other way when folks associated with sports teams rape women or young boys. UMass should do likewise?

Above and beyond that: Sally Linowiski. That's like putting a Level 3 Sex Offender in charge of the day-care center.

Anonymous said...

I agree to give it a try I think maybe even texting instead of making the phone call may even work more efficiently. So many kids this age don't recognize a phone number and don't answer the phone but will they will always look at their text. I'm glad that Jen and UMass or thinking out of the box course the hard part is going to be getting them to register. The key to that will be why registering is going to be in their best benefit in the long run. Thank you again for taking this on and I hope it works for all those people who live next to party houses. Then I'm up for anything that keeps our police officers free to handle more urgent business.

Anonymous said...

If it doesn't work we haven't lost anything and if it works it helps our town. Rebecca

Anonymous said...

You know you are an old and irrelevant socialist when private college party registration does not sound like a complete insult to our country, our culture and our flag.

Someone that old should remember the multiple wars and countless countrymen we sacrifices so that citizens would not have to deal with such crap.

These kids grandparents and great grandparents literally died fighting governments that thought like this. Just because you good old days are barely memorable at this point does not mean that the kids should not be allowed to have anything to remember.

It becomes more apparent every day that the college kids are not the problem, but I also doubt they will be the solution after being raised in such an atmosphere.

Permission slips in America were supposed to be for school children to go on field trips, not adults to live basic American lives, which include college parties and opening businesses...or gasp, living in a home. All of which are permission slip for adult activities in Amherst, among countless other basic activities. So shameful. So incredibly Un- Americanan....to not protest and stop this stuff or even better to simply resist - which the college students will. Their parties are none of your business and when they are, the police can do their job and hopefully not cripple the kids in the process.

Larry Kelley said...

Last time I looked you had to register your car.

(And yes, cars don't kill people, drivers do)

Anonymous said...

Ed i thought you would work the German Nazis into your comment at 10:03....just rape! Nice restraint!

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:24...a bunch of out of control,high, beer swelling KIDS is not the place to get your civil rights panties in a twist. We as a town have a right not to have that inflicted on us. It's not some basic human right!

Dr. Ed said...

Last time I looked you had to register your car.

Not if you drive it on your own land.

A lot of vehicles used in quarries and gravel pits aren't -- not so sure about equipment used to clear private parking lots.

And UMass doesn't register any of its storage trailers.

Dr. Ed said...

a bunch of out of control,high, beer swelling KIDS is not the place to get your civil rights panties in a twist. We as a town have a right not to have that inflicted on us. It's not some basic human right!

The EXACT SAME THINGS were said about the Freedom Riders -- look it up.

Likewise, there are those who think that Rodney King "got what he deserved" --

And it's one thing to register a party with someone like former Chief Moia -- something else to register one with Sally Linowski.

Linowski makes Geryk look kind & charitable.