Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Party House of the Weekend

Shane Walsh, Evan Stack, Ben Gallacher off to Clerk's office to pay $300 town bylaw noise fine (each)

For only the second weekend of the semester we have a party house winner where APD intervention of the arresting kind was required.  Although this one is of the more typical variety:  all college aged men.  UMass students to be precise.  All hockey players no less.

Henry Dill (left) also arrested next door to 419 Old Farm Road at same time for assaulting a police cruiser

A few years ago at this time of the season APD was making arrests at numerous party houses.  I asked APD Chief Scott Livingstone if things were, as I suspected, getting better:

I would agree, that thus far, the communication and interactions, cooperation,  with officers and young adults has greatly improved.

Although still very early, I know that both Officer Laramee, Eric Beal and all of the other sector officers having been doing a lot of outreach, whether it be door to door meetings, Fraternity and Sorority meetings and others.

I have been contacted by coaches of many of the sports teams, and we are in the process of scheduling meetings with them as well.

A very good sign!

The usual Saturday day drink parties at Townhouse Apartments in North Amherst also seem to end a little better than they did a few years ago

These past two weekends have also seen large gatherings at the western quad where police managed to herd the kids off the green (more like brown at the moment) without incident.

 Townhouse Apartments 9/19/15 5:00 PM
Townhouse Apartments 9/26/15 6:00 PM (Click photo to enlarge)


Anonymous said...

Students complied with the police officers, who then proceeded to arrest the students and go against their word. UMass PD are a joke

Anonymous said...

Umm, there were no arrests, and UMPD was not involved.

Can someone please explain to me why standing in a giant crowd is such an attraction to these kids? It's very weird. Looks like ants at a picnic from the drone view.

Anonymous said...

It was APD not UMPD that do the enforcement off campus. UMPD are more relaxed and do not have to make arrests to justify their funding. APD will arrest kids for the smallest infraction. I am sure that APD knows that their department is laughed at by other LEAs for being so petty.

Larry Kelley said...

As I mentioned in the lead, APD arrests for rowdy activity (which neighbors do not consider "smallest infraction") are down pretty dramatically these days.

Anonymous said...

There'll be a slight pause while everyone says "Who cares?"

Larry Kelley said...

Actually I think neighbors around town care quite a lot.

Anonymous said...

You're a faggot Larry Kelley don't you ever forget it

Larry Kelley said...

Your Mom would be so proud. (Sarcasm)

Anonymous said...

Used in the sense of "repellant male," I assume. I don't think Larry is overly repellant. He certainly attracts a great catholicity of followers. Includent at least one who really IS repellant.

Dr. Ed said...

I'm reminded of the Republic of South Africa, circa 1980.

There, too, a minority was using force and law to control the majority.

People said that was wrong....