Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Busy Beavers!

Gull Pond (off Old Farm Road) 9/29/15

The Amherst Conservation Commission gave "emergency certification" for a Gull Pond beaver breach last week to keep the pond from overflowing its boundaries. 

According to Town Manager (& Conservation Director) Dave Ziomek:

"My wetlands administrator worked closely with conservation and DPW staff to breach the dam. Late summer rains raised concerns about the road and water backup into basements etc. We’ve done this many times in my tenure with the Town to prevent impacts to residents, roads and property. All part of living with beavers. In these cases we seek what is called an emergency certification to breach a dam to lower water levels temporarily. Rain this week will bring level back up I’m sure."

 A "beaver deceiver" will be reinstalled to protect the drainage pipe

Considering the monsoons that are now upon us, that's a pretty safe bet.

Gull Pond 9/29/15 (from a tad higher up)


Anonymous said...

It's always good when the kids get permission. It's even better when they grow up and don't need it.

I am surprised the neighbors let it get to this point without just taking care of it themselves.

Let the 10 minutes of work, that has now been officially sanctioned, begin!

Meanwhile in the real New England, 37 beaver dams were removed yesterday without asking anyone.

Anonymous said...

Great. Now, let's do something about the logjam clogging up development.

Anonymous said...

Larry, any opinion on the Wildwood School Building Project? You didn't cover the public forums yesterday. The committee has 4 weeks to decide on one of 3 options, with the most likely recommendation It seems being to close Fort River, move all pre-k-1 into Crocker Farm and all 2-7 to the new Wildwood (location tbd) a huge 750 student building.