Monday, September 21, 2015

Remembering John Musante

Amherst Select Board met briefly this Monday morning
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In a brief sorrowful meeting this morning in the Town Manager's office the 5-member Amherst Select Board came together in an emergency meeting more for grief therapy than policy work. 

Chair Alisa Brewer, her voice cracking, thanked town employees and the general public who have stepped up in this time of sadness and grief.

The town flag was lowered to half staff yesterday at her order and will stay in that somber position of mourning until interment, which has yet to be finalized.

 AFD Central Station in mourning over the loss of John Musante

Just prior to the scheduled 8:30 AM meeting SB member Connie Kruger apologized to the press for the confusion and slightly late start of the meeting saying, "None of us have ever been here before."

During the meeting Ms. Kruger asked if other symbols like black bunting could be placed on Town Hall so people coming in today would understand the somber atmosphere or maybe even decide not to do routine business today.

The Select Board will still meet tonight at 6:30 PM and their first order of business will be to appoint Assistant Town Manager Dave Ziomek interim Town Manager.

Chair Alisa Brewer closed the meeting at 8:51 AM saying, "I hope we all can find a place and space to talk about our friend, John."

 Snow globe occupying Town Manager John Musante's office chair
 Dave Ziomek Interim Town Manager, SB Chair Alisa Brewer 

The Select Board voted unanimously at their regularly scheduled -- although far more somber than usual -- 6:30 PM meeting to make Assistant Town Manager Dave Ziomek Interim Town Manager.

Hopefully after the shock of losing John Musante somewhat subsides they will also vote unanimously to remove the term "Interim".

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Walter Graff said...

Who won't miss his robo calls about snow or some other things going on around Amherst.

Anonymous said...

David Ziomek will do an excellent job. He deserves everyone's support.

Anonymous said...

UMass should be flying half-mast, as well, in my opinion.

Larry Kelley said...

And Amherst College.