Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Sign Of The Times?

Parking enforcement on scene Town Hall for beheaded sign (left).  At least they left the pole

Yes one of the more minor aggravations we will have to put up with as our population begins to double with the return of "college aged youth": stolen street signs.

 Sign near Hastings still there

Why you would want a "15 minute parking" sign in your dorm room is beyond me -- especially if you  place it near a bed.

Property owner Jeff Brown is hoping the town will install those 15 minute (free) parking signs in front of his commercial building on Triangle Street immediately adjacent to Kendrick Place.

 Jeff Brown owns the concrete contiguous with Triangle Street

This would keep tenants and or contractors of the new building from tying up valuable parking spots.

And with the town's highly efficient Parking Management doing the enforcement, increasing revenues to the town over violations.

Living in the shadow of Kendrick Place

A double win.


Anonymous said...

Larry I am pretty sure that sign near town hall has been gone for a while. I seem to recall parking there while running into Crazy Noodls for a takeout order and noticing the 15 min parking sign wasn't there. It gave me pause and I looked to see if they added a meter in place.

Larry Kelley said...

It was there for me less than a week ago. (The secret parking lot behind Town Hall was full).

Anonymous said...

Maybe Steve Brown should do more than "hope" for action from the Select Board?

Anonymous said...

Sorry Larry, I believe your assumption is wrong.

I am pretty sure I know who took it. It was a young lady, daughter and local girl, who attends AMRHS. She is most certainly not college aged yet, but she is most certainly in big trouble from what I hear.

But this is good news. Why? Because if this is the top blog post for the day, life is pretty good in Amherst.

Larry Kelley said...

It's Jeff Brown, and he's talking to the right people (besides me).