Friday, September 11, 2015


Town center 7:27 AM

The town put up the really BIG flag this morning, at half staff, to remember the 2,997 fellow citizens who started their morning just like we did now, but never lived to see the sun set on that ignominious day.

Amherst Fire Department will hold their 13th annual ceremony at Central Station this morning at 9:45 AM, and if it is still raining ... I'm sure no one will even notice.

 9:35ish Getting ready for the ceremony
9:45ish Final lineup
10:30ish Final moments in town center 
Big flag mournfully flapping 3:00 PMish 

New York City 9/11 night (photo by Richard Marsh)


Jackie M'Vemba said...

So many levels of horror on that day, but we were never more united as a country.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing this and many thanks to the firefighters for their work and September 11th ceremony each year. It means a lot to me and I am sure many others.

Janet McGowan

Larry Kelley said...

You're welcome.

I know it means a lot to me and all the first responders. I only hope the feeling gets passed along to our upcoming generation of leaders.

Anonymous said...

I too hope the upcoming generation of leaders learn something from the past. We got attacked and then did more damage to ourselves via our past and current leaders. We were so united after 911, my mom got pulled over for not having a flag sticker in her window. No ticket, just a guilt trip. Let's honor our national flag, but let's not let it continue to cover our eyes as for most, it has simply become a blindfold.

Anonymous said...

What I can't get over is how 3000+ brutal murders couldn't turn us into savages who would violate the rights of all Muslims -- yet about 1% of that, 32 murders at Virginia Tech, made us into the savages that 9-11 couldn't.

We didn't shred our Constitution in response to 9-11, but we did in response to Virginia Tech and we need to know that it has been shred for all.

So Larry, I don't feel the same way about the American flag that you do.

Larry Kelley said...

Yeah, I figured that out pretty quickly.

Anonymous said...

A salute to Major Penny.

Anonymous said...

And I suppose you support beating up Sikhs because, well, they have "towels" on their heads too and hence must be Muslim?

BTW -- They Aren't!

Anonymous said...

Are you saying that Virginia Tech was not Islamo Nazism? Are you saying that profiling is not exactly the correct thing to do given the overwhelming number of terror acts perpetrated by IslamoNazis? Are you saying that you support the Constitution but hate this country? Have have given any thought to living somewhere where you DO feel about that flag the way Larry feels about ours?

Anonymous said...

I propose a day (at least in Amherst) to honor Larry Kelley. A great American.

Anonymous said...

I know what a Sikh is. But thanks for the edification. I wonder: do you support Islamo Nazism? Yes or no? Or maybe you refuse to admit it exists.

Anonymous said...

do you support Islamo Nazism?

First, if there is one thing that the Radical Islamic Fascists aren't, it's Nazis.

National Socialism, by definition, involves recognizing the concept of a nation-state, which they don't. They are Fascist, but not Nazi, and while all Nazis were Fascists, not all Fascists were/are Nazis.

Second, why do you support Fascism?

Third, how are you different from the IslamoFascists?

Fourth, are you still beating your wife and molesting your children?
Do you not see where your logical fallacies go???
Do you not see how there is an implication of guilt even though you have never done this?

Anonymous said...

Isis and other Islamic terrorists favor a caliphate. Call them what you wish. I call them Islamo Nazis. And certainly, whatever you call them, they would like to kill you and send the world back to the 7th century. I'm in favor of helping them get there.