Wednesday, September 30, 2015

DUI Dishonor Roll

Gates Larson, age 52, arraigned before Judge John Payne

Only one APD arrest for impaired driving over the weekend but it was of a kind that illustrates the danger drunk drivers pose not only to the general public but also to police officers who job it is to be out and about during those prime drunk driving hours.

UMass police, who also serve and protect property located in the little college town of Amherst, also had one arrest:

 Keyarra Wood, age 22, arraigned before Judge John Payne

And Hadley, close enough to catch our overflow, had one as well.  All three defendants had their cases continued until next month and were released on their own recognizance.  Although Ms. Ritchie-Dunham turned over her license to an Assistant District Attorney before leaving Court.

Jacqueline Richie-Dunham, age 20, stands before the Judge

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Anonymous said...

Couldn't the police have planted some harmless pot on these folks so they could have justified not letting them free?

We all know that alcohol kills, but pot still jails in Mass, quite effectively.

Perhaps we can use the unreasonably harsh pot laws to address the unreasonable loose booze laws and end up with a reasonably safe solution?