Wednesday, September 23, 2015

DUI Dishonor Roll

Michal Wojewodzic, age 22 (photo courtesy APD)

Great weather over the weekend brought out droves of college aged youth to all the usual hot spots near UMass for foot traffic  -- Phillips, North Pleasant and Meadow Streets.  Which is what makes this drunk driving incident all that much scarier.

What if he had hit a tender body rather than a solid tree?

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 Meadow Street/Townhouse Apartments late Saturday afternoon

In Eastern Hampshire District Court on Monday Mr. Wojewodzic had his case continued until next month.


Anonymous said...

Hey!?! Isn't that good ole #20 for the UMass hoops team? I als read a report or two that a football player got nicked..what is the scoop on that LK? Usually you are on that like….

Anonymous said...

swordfishtrombones. he looks like a young tom waits.

Dr. Ed said...

In Maine this arrest wouldn't fly, prove that he was OUI while driving, not afterwards while in his car. He should have answered the door with a bottle in hand. Admitting OUI was stupid but he could claim impaired judgment at home.

My bet: other stuff with witnesses will stick, OUI won't,

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see how Coach Kellogg handles Mr. Michal Wojewodzic, who is a UMass basketball walk-on player. Regardless of the legal ramifications, he admitted driving under the influence. If I remember correctly when Camby was arrested in CT he had already left UMass. Chris Lowe was arrested for fighting, don't remember if he was suspended or not.

Anonymous said...

Justice for Mike Wojewodzic!