Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Let The Sunshine, Let The Sunshine In

Newer 56 acre closed line-landfill Belchertown Road

Yes Amherst is having yet another public meeting on locating solar power within the confines of our 27.7 square miles of altered reality.

The meeting is scheduled for Wednesday night at the Amherst Regional Middle School auditorium, ironically enough the scene of a major defeat for NIMBY/BANANAs when Town Meeting voted overwhelmingly to support solar on ye old landfill.

Ye old closed 53 acre unlined-landfill also on Belchertown Road just across the street

As usual the NIMBY/BANANAs will probably be out in force with lots of ideas where not to locate a solar array (anywhere within their sight line or territory for walking the dog).

 Downtown has a tiny bit of solar

And considering their victory over the Town Manger on the old landfill proposed site -- after the town spent $60,000 creating a legal contract with a provider -- it's safe to assume residents anywhere near newly proposed sites will use the same obstructionist strategy.

 One woman lobby picketing Town Meeting 5/11/15

The newer closed landfill will not necessarily be immune from immediate neighbors:  Back in 2002 residents of Logtown Road successfully torpedoed the town's attempt to increase the height of the landfill by 10 feet to keep it open longer (and generate tons of revenue).

The Zoning Board of Appeals rejected the idea by a 2 (yes)-1 (no) vote.  The Special Permit required a unanimous vote.

Solar array among the fertile fields of Hadley just over the town line


Anonymous said...

People on Logtown Road don't have the bucks to fight it that the upper-crust in Amherst Woods had. Bring on the sun!

Anonymous said...

Is that a body of water I see next to Ye Olde UNLINED Landill????

Larry Kelley said...

Yep. I would not recommend swimming in it.

Anonymous said...

Will no one stand up for the innocent grasses and brush that will be shaded by these monstrosities? Also nobody is mentioning the harmful electromagnetic field effect on honey bees.

Anonymous said...

Please put up solar panels on the roofs of big box stores, along parking lots, along highways and on top of buildings. Please don't cut down trees to install solar panels or cover prime agricultural soils. Climate change is not caused by a forest or field.

Anonymous said...

No ur right. It's caused by the sun.