Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Clear & Present Danger

Nikolai James stands before Judge Poehler (in a secure lock up)

So here's one you will not read about in the bricks and mortar media, mainly because they can no longer afford to send reporters to Eastern Hampshire District Court.

And the only way you learn about anything involving "domestic abuse" is to view it in person when the perp is arraigned. 

Because this case involved "domestic assault and battery" Amherst police had to redact it from their daily logs so it becomes that tree that falls in the forest with no one around to record its sound.

In court yesterday before Judge Patricia Poehler the mother and father of Nikolai James tried to have him remanded into a medical treatment program in Springfield.  The father tearfully told the Judge his son suffers from schizophrenia.  

A probation officer told Judge Poehler that Nikolai James had created a "level of frustration" within his department due to his chronic failure to abide by any of his probationary conditions:  He failed to report in with his probation officer, failed to pay mandated fees, and tested positive for marijuana and alcohol,

This most recent arrest over the weekend by APD comes at a time when he is on probation (through 2016) for three separate incidents, including the one where he injured two Amherst police officers

Judge Poeler did not allow the motion to transfer Nikolai James to a medical treatment facility and instead remanded him to the House Of Correction pending a hearing for violation of parole. 


Anonymous said...

That's what marijuana does to you. Look at Colorado, they made smoking dope legal and the crime rate is up almost 7 percent compared with the same period last year and crimes such as public drunkenness are up 237 percent, and drug violations are up 20 percent. Dope is for dopes. Try therapy to fix your problems. Longer lasting and more beneficial.

Anonymous said...

I think jail will make him worse, in this 1 case I believe he should be in a medical surrounding. This guy is definitely psychotic

Anonymous said...

psyche and psych issues are two different things

Anonymous said...

Someone in Mass making fun of Colorado....now that is classic.

CO has one of the best economies in the US right now. People are moving there in droves. People love pot, BTW.

Corruption does cloud the mind, though. Especially in a state that cannot even implement a medical marijuana program in two years. A puff or two may help you understand that CO is not perfect, but is not concerned because it cannot even see archaic and corrupt MA in the rear view mirror.

The Juggernaut said...

A perp who beats women and disrespects all authority? Well, they'll test him for Schizo, but if he's faking that he's going to have a fun time in the corrections facility.

Even among scum they have a ranking, and I'd not want to be the scum who hits those weaker than me in the big house.

Anonymous said...

What was the 'opiate of the masses?" Was that in addition to er...opium??

keithw said...

At least his parents are on board with having him committed for treatment/stabilization. As opposed to setting him up by himself in an apartment in downtown Amherst where he will continue to self medicate, get into trouble and wind up strangling a complete stranger with a belt in Raos coffee shop--true story.