Friday, December 12, 2014

School Meeting Confirmed (We Hope)

Amherst Regional School Committee

Anyone remember that episode of the The Flintstones where Fred was fired for the umpteenth time by Mr. Slate but because he had modified over the years the operational controls of the big old front end loader at the rock quarry to where only he could run it, his boss pretty much had to rehire him?

Apparently long-time secretary Debbie Westmoreland fits into that unique category as she does all the intricate interactions with the town clerks for both the Amherst School Committee and Amherst Pelham Regional School Committee ... and she's on leave until early January.

Hence the reason for recent scheduling snafus: Two RSC meetings canceled for not being posted in Pelham (one of the four towns in the Region) in time, and the mislabeling of the 12/16 meeting.

The mysterious, is it a Regional or just an Amherst School Committee meeting on 12/16 has been solved:  It is an Amherst School Committee meeting, not a Regional School Committee meeting.

Since the 5 member Amherst School Committee makes up more than half of the 9-member Regional SC it's easy to be confused.  And since Amherst comprises 88% of the Region, you also have to wonder why it's only 5-of-9 and not more like 8-of-9?

But then math was never my strong point.

So the simple take away is rookie RSC chair Trevor Baptiste is not to blame.  Although if I were him I would hand deliver a meeting notice to the part-time Pelham (his hometown) Town Clerk in plenty of time to be properly posted for the next RSC meeting.

And the simple solution of voting the "alternative method" of posting to the regional ARPS website (an option open to them for many years) should be endorsed forthwith. 


Anonymous said...

I get the distinct feeling that the fact that Trevor isn't responsible for the foible is a bit deflating to you. Trust me, it hurts me, too. I don't think he belongs as a Chair, even of this ill-esteemed body.

Larry Kelley said...

Not in the least.

I try not to get inflated about the little things.

Anonymous said...

I've got enough pettiness in me for the both of us, don't worry. I'm just still roiled up over dissing the last Chair because of the clock debacle. He was articulate, sharp. Watching the last group therapy session, I mean rsc meeting, it was painfully obvious that Trevor couldn't talk his way out of a parking ticket.

Anonymous said...

It's true that Ms. Westmoreland is a gem. However, that being said, you mean to tell me there that there is not ONE other highly paid administrator who could send a fax or email to post these meetings?

Anonymous said...

It is the chair's responsibility to make sure meetings are being posted correctly.
The Regional SC has accomplished little to nothing this year because it has a completely incompetent chair who only cares about how much power he has and is not the least little bit interested in transparency. This after Mr O'Brien was replaced as chair because the committee thought he was abusing his power and was not acting transparently. It simply boggles the mind. The budget process is coming up. This should be fun to watch. Get the popcorn out folks!

Anonymous said...

It was actually the secretary in Pelham who made the error, notices were sent to each town by Debbie before she left for leave, as usual.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Rosemary Woods, I think, is her name. Oh wait. That was President Nixon's secretary . Sry.