Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Community Policing

Attorney Chamberland stands with his client Steven Cuoco, age 50

In Eastern Hampshire District Court on Monday Steven Cuoco, who gave his address as "the streets of Amherst", had a plea of not guilty entered in his behalf and the Judge assigned him (at no cost) a Public Defender. 

He told the Judge Poehler he was "off his meds."


Anonymous said...

Would like more info.

From one perspective it sound like the PD did it's job and reacted to the issue of a company employee concern for a customer that the employee felt was too much time in the bathroom. Sorta sounds like the employee and the PD cared about this guy.

From another perspective a local adult was in the bathroom and the police decided it was their right to join him. Once he realized he was sharing his bowel movement with them, he became agitated, as most of us would if people we did know joined us in the bathroom. But it is 2014 and the police are in charge of everything. They even reduced arrests in NYC by over 90%, proving they are not as essential as those that look at policing as a religion (do it no matter what the data says).

Tough one. Sounds like the guy could use a place to stay with his own bathroom where the police are less likely to be part of an assault on bathroom time. You would think in a town full of kumbaya liberals and volumes of money flowing through town govt that we would have the ability to give this guy a bathroom before we hang up more town decorations or try and take over our neighbor's property with zoning.

Never mind, that would involve having priorities. Its about feeling good more than doing actual good.

Keep in mind, this bathroom is likely the most private place this guy gets to spend time on a regular basis.

Tough one. Camera on the police would help so that we can really judge all the police actions that occur each day - keep them honest.

Anonymous said...

Is this guy out of jail?

Larry Kelley said...


Anonymous said...

I did some internet research and he is the father of the missing girl Brianna Cuoco from Chicopee. Wonder if anyone has made the connection and/or checked out the homeless shelters out this way.