Sunday, December 14, 2014

DUI Dishonor Roll

This post is a tad late as both these DUI arrests (or OUIs) occurred last weekend.  I'm still working out an efficient (i.e. quicker) line of communication with my friends at UMPD for these public documents.

APD had no drunk driving arrests last weekend, when UMass was still in session and of course one of these UMPD arrests, Calvin Wynder,  is not a student.  Both Wynder and Kravchenko appeared before Judge Payne in Eastern Hampshire District Court on Monday, 12/8 and had their cases continued to next month.

Sergey Kravchenko stands before Judge John Payne


UMass Amherst police also arrested Calvin Wynder, age 36, in his second brush with the law on this serious charge. 


Dr. Ed said...

Larry, there is a FERPA issue with the UMPD giving you anything -- not in their ability to give it to you but that they are part of ACT and hence absolutely everything becomes protected by FERPA even though it otherwise wouldn't be.

ALL of the UMPD's records instantly become "student records" (even if the perp isn't a student) and, as such, instantly becomes confidential until (unless) it is published in some other manner (i.e. presented in court).

This isn';t optional and if some UMPD officer is stupid enough to give you anything, I will have that officer's badge.

Trust me, UM will throw the officer "under the bus" because otherwise UM has to concede that they intentionally violated FERPA and that's the end of all Federal funding including research grants. No, they'll let the officer "twist in the wind" instead.

And a personal note to all UMPD officers -- find out what happened to (UMPD) Lt. Warren before you think that your union will do a scintilla of *anything* to protect/help you. (I know *exactly* what happened to Warren and why -- find it out on your own, using your *own* sources, *before* you attack me because *I* am saying what happened was WRONG (and I suspect you might kinda agree...).)

In other words, DON'T believe me. Ask the people whom you trust the most what happened to Warren -- ask *him* if you wish (and if he will tell you)-- and make your own judgment. If you just happen to come to the same conclusion that I do -- that he man wasn't treated fairly -- well, facts matter....

(He may have said something rather "stupid", but, ummm, who of us haven't, at some point, said something equally "stupid"?)

Anyway, I;ll apologize in advance to the officer who gets screwed -- blame Lisa Kidwell. Blame Enku Geyaye and ACT -- they screwed me out of what was the equivalent of my "badge" and I don't really care if you loose yours.

Even if you didn't deserve to -- because I didn't deserve to loose mine either.

Heil Enku -- you personally embarrass me because you hide behind a disability that I refuse to hide behind....

Larry Kelley said...

These are District Court documents relating to criminal charges, so FERPA does not apply. Plus one of them is not a UMass student.

Dr. Ed said...

These are District Court documents relating to criminal charges upon arraignment although UMass policy, articulated during the Jason Vassell affair, is that FERPA *does* apply.

Even though the copy of the document I had came from the court. Even though I had a receipt proving that.

I thought that John Duback was wrong -- I still do -- but that does not negate the fact that UM policy is that FERPA does apply even if the person is not a student (which Vassell then was't).

Larry Kelley said...

You should have pushed back on that, all those years ago.

Anonymous said...

Ed, you will have his badge? Exactly where do you get your badge taking power? You are a megalomaniac.

Anonymous said...

Dammit Anon 5:18, don't you know that Ed is the *man*!!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear Doctor and I use the term loosly, the word is still spelt "LOSE" not "LOOSE". C'mon Ed, someone who boasts every day of his educational credentials really should stop making 3rd grade mistakes.
Thus, the true reason you cannot be taken serious. Or was it the faulty keyboard again?

Anonymous said...

The word is seriosly.
--Mr. Ed

Anonymous said...

Ugh. I mean seriously. Lol

Anonymous said...

I'm making a citizens arrest on the grammar police - c'mon now, this is America, and we use participles! Spelled, not spelt!