Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Another Good Sign

You have to wonder if the young man who wrote this -- naturally as a Cowardly Anon Nitwit -- gets up in the morning and curses the mirror when it reflects a big fat zit on his scrawny face.

Thus I have another reason to believe that indeed, the Tide is Turning:

When the hard core minority of party hardy idiots who give all students a bad name lash out in such a juvenile manner, you know the heat is getting to them.

A closer look at the tickets handed out by APD for bad behavior demonstrates there is a hard core minority who just don't seem to get it.

Noise tickets were down dramatically this semester from 91 to only 17, but the "Nuisance House" tickets -- a higher level of mayhem -- were not down all that much, going from 33 last fall to 25 this fall.

It will be interesting to see the UMass report on off campus student discipline for violation of the student code of conduct covering this fall, which of course will reflect the same dramatic drop in number of sanctions imposed (since they are based on APD arrest/ticket reports).

And the severity of the sanctions handed out will probably be pretty mild.  

What UMass really needs to do is seek out the hard core party types (reflected in Nuisance House tickets, Resisting Arrest, and Assault and Battery on a police officer charges) and be rid of them once and for all.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, perhaps the next time you call someone a nitwit you should use the right word. It's party hearty, not hardy. Nice try though.

Larry Kelley said...

"You like potato, I say potahto."

Anonymous said...

Larry, read Machiavelli's Prince.

And then you could read a bunch of stuff, but I'd actually recommend asking a seninor/experienced AFD guy why (in most cases) the last thing he would do is extinguish a burning railroad tank car(s) of propane.

Propane gas is heavier than air, and the fire is consuming it. If you put the fire out, you then will have a deadly fog of Propane gas going across the ground.

Google "Fuel/Air Explosive."

When you get the right fuel/air mixture, which you eventually will as the Propane gas dilutes, you are talking energy yields on the level of a small nuke. The explosion in Halifax, NS was different, but you are talking death and destruction on that kind of a scale.

So you control the fire but you absolutely do not put it out.

Larry, what UMass understands is that doing what you propose would create some very dangerous persons and very likely another Virginia Tech. If they can't then legally remove them from the community, which they wouldn't be able to, well....

Enky Geylae is many things but stupid is not one of them -- and think of why the firefighters will tolerate the propane fire so as to avoid the potential propane explosion.

VoiceOfReason said...
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VoiceOfReason said...

Since when does enjoying a party by definition make you an idiot? I'm a college student, and I love to party, but Im also an analyst at a major financial firm in New York City and oversee millions of dollars everyday. Not only do i suspect you yourself many times have enjoyed a gathering, or a beer, or have been part of a house which probably was making an above average level of noise, but the psychological benefits of a moderate level of partying and underage drinking while in college has been demonstrated by generations of world leaders. But i suppose theyre all just "party hardy idiots" too right? This gosh darn town would be better if all the young folk just went to church and bingo like good folk and stopped being so noisy past 7pm I guess. The fact that you label such a huge population of mostly highly educated young people as "idiots" because they enjoy the same things every other person enjoys and are biologically programmed to enjoy is purely ignorant. But se la vie, soon you'll die along with im sure your staunch opposition to tax overrides and strict support for benefits programs, and the dead weight loss you currently represent to the countries economic and academic well-being will be replaced with logical discourse, as it historically has time and time again. So please shut up, the only idiot is you

Larry Kelley said...

Since when did I say "enjoying a party makes you an idiot?".

Clearly I'm addressing the distinct minority who party hardy enough to garner a $300 "nuisance house ticket," which only comes from rowdy behavior above and beyond simply "enjoying a party."

Try working on your reading comprehension. Maybe not required for an "analyst at a major financial firm," but a valuable skill nonetheless.

(And you might want to work on paragraph formatting skills as well.)

Dr. Ed said...

"Clearly I'm addressing the distinct minority who party hardy enough to garner a $300 "nuisance house ticket," which only comes from rowdy behavior above and beyond simply "enjoying a party."

So, apparently, we now live in a country where being unpopular is a criminal offense?

All the way back to Hammarabi, specific conduct was prohibited -- specific acts were prohibited/punishable.

Now the offense is having the neighbor complain about you. The violation is having a neighbor complaining about you -- NOT the party itself. You can be as loud as you want to be as long as your neighbors don't complain -- as long as you are a member of a group they wont complain about.

The last time that sort of thing was happening was 1773 & 1774 and there was something called the Revolutionary War because of it.

Anonymous said...

That's *C'est La Vie.
-- A Reasonable Voice.

Dr. Ed said...

That's *C'est La Vie.
-- A Reasonable Voice.

And when you know that it is going to be that way and never change...

.... That's when shooting police officers goes from the reprehensible/unthinkable to, well,

That is what Machiavelli was trying to say -- it is far better to have a people love their prince than to have them kept subjugated by force, even though it means that the prince will have to do/give them things he might not want to.

Anonymous said...

Diarrhea of the mouth, 4:01.

Anonymous said...


I always wondered about the cause of the Revolutionary War. Thanks to you, I now know it was related to party houses next to British generals.

VoiceOfReason said...

Hey, hey, hey guys. Clearly Mr.Kelly id just saving the people from all the rowdy hooligans playing music past 6pm. Where would we be without him defending us from their "rowdy behavior" and "party hardy idiocy"? We'd all be dead id say. Hes like a superhero defending the world by night from the scourges of noise and fun. I salute you kelly, or should i say, captain partykill?

VoiceOfReason said...

His two adopted daughters must be counting down the days till pops finally lets them go to thw big square dance (at a reasonable volume, obv) and they can be out until 8!! Cawledge highlights!!!!!

Larry Kelley said...

Well I see you have not worked on your paragraphing skills.

Anonymous said...


It's Christmas. A day free from snark.

Even WalMart takes the day off.

Anonymous said...

Can we kindly leave families out of this, please?

prof R M said...

This is a sign that Larry had a blog post, not that partying is lessening in Amherst.

Delusional. Larry if you are not careful, they are going to have a majah rajah just to prove you wrong.

As with most "liberal police state" attempts to control people, this stuff will backfire.

Larry is helping umass gain back its Zoo status.

Thanks Larry, it was better when the cops just left the parties outnumbered. Those were really fun nights, made great memories.

Those days will return, they cannot hire enough police if the students really want to escalate this....and it appears the ones that are escalating it are "Larry and the Police" (new local band that wont play at parties).

Let's just face the fact that those complaining are complaining because they were never accepted by their youthful peers to be told where the parties were back in the day....and if they did go to the parties back then, well then they are just hypocrites.

Either way, party on. Nothing can really stop you.

Jackie M'Vemba said...

Merry Christmas one and all.

Anonymous said...

College kids are behaving, or cops don't have the manpower to address these issues? .....

Anonymous said...

I think Anon 8:15 is right. No manpower and they are probably pissed. I suppose we will find out in early March.

The Juggernaut said...


As a UMass Alumnus, please stop. Sincerely, I beg you. Who knows, maybe you do oversee millions, but your defense is not the correct one and your grammar is worse than if Helen Keller typed out your paragraphs.

A better argument here would be the truth, the noise ordinances were a cash grab for the town, aimed at UMass students during the previous recession. The town was running low on revenue, ordinarily sent through local aid by the state, and refused to promote businesses to increase the tax base. Instead, they targeted partying students. This is fine and dandy, but Larry and the town will not admit the financial motive.

How do we know this? First, the town did not examine any other punishments for those caught partying and being a nuisance to their neighbors. It immediately raised the fine and did not examine any other routes.

Secondly, the town residents and planning board are not examining ways to keep students and residents separate as the university grows. They are not searching for a long term solution for a decades old problem. Hence, if the student parties were as big a deal as residents and officials claim we would see all town efforts in finding a long term solution, including planning future apartments and developments to focus on noise mitigation.

So what is leading to a decline in parties? UMass is climbing academically. We are more selective then ever before, and bring in students who are more academically focused. We need to continue on this path, and support the shift to academia. But for town officials and residents to claim the noise violations did cause this long term reduction is just stroking of Amherst egos.

Anonymous said...

Lay off of Helen Keller willya please. And your solution is what? I didn't catch it O mighty grammar cop.