Wednesday, December 3, 2014


On 9/11, we remember the 343

Today, or more precisely tonight, marks the 15th anniversary of the Worcester Cold Storage Warehouse fire in a hulking windowless beast of a building perfectly described by District Chief McNamee as "the building from Hell."

Six firefighters perished, just doing their job.  They were searching for a homeless couple who, it turns out, started the deadly inferno. 
Lt. Thomas E. Spencer
Lt. Timothy P. Jackson Sr.,
Lt. James F. Lyons III
Firefighter Jeremiah M. Lucey,
Firefighter Paul A. Brotherton
Firefighter Joseph T. McGuirk


Anonymous said...

But but but the homeless cannot do any wrong! They are disadvantaged and Amherst welcomes them with open arms!! I wonder him much of a strain the homeless shelter in our town puts on public resources? How long until they burn down a building and others die?

Never happen here, I know.

Anonymous said...

Where I grew up, teenagers burned down the oldest, most historically important mill in town. Major travesty. Should we, what, rid the town of teens? Not sure what you're getting at 5:30pm. Anyone can be a firebug.

LK, what was the reason for their fire-starting?

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:30, not all homeless are arsonists. Homeless people have problems, Whether those problems were self-inflicted or not. What happened 15 years ago in Worcester is sad. Just plain sad. Yes it was unnecessary. Yes it was a waste of life. No need to crass about it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 651pm...

Homeless were trying to keep warm from the heat of a candle. Insulation at the site ignited, the rest is history.