Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Alcohol Induced Disruption

1 of 5 cars deliberately damaged by Jason Fortin, age 41

Anytime someone asks me to remove a post or to stand down from publishing one relating to an alcohol related crime, I think about Danny -- especially now with the holidays fast approaching.

Alcohol is not the answer.  It never is.

Over the weekend public safety personnel dealt with a couple disruptive incidents -- and no, neither of them perpetrated by "college aged youth."

The only two arrests by APD to be arraigned in Eastern Hampshire District Court on Monday were both a by-product of actions taken while under the influence of alcohol, a potentially deadly OUI and a rampage on foot in town center.

 Jason Fortin appears before Judge John Payne from the "lock up"

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Judge Payne released Mr. Fortin on his own recognizance and scheduled a pre-trial hearing for January 30. Since the Assistant District Attorney pointed out to the Judge that he "appears to have a serious alcohol problem," the Judge did require Fortin attend two Alcoholics Anonymous meeting per week.

In other more dangerous alcohol related matters Judge Payne accepted the standard 24D disposition (only available to 1st time offenders) from Kristin Hill, arrested by a Massachusetts State Trooper on November 1st.  She will lose her license for 45 days, pay $600 in fines and her DUI case is "Continued Without A Finding for one year," when it will then be dismissed providing she stays out of trouble.

More recently arrested, Kathleen Brennan, age 50, also took a standard 24D for her Saturday night ride that went wrong.

 Kathleen Brennan stands before Judge John Payne

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