Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Good & Bad

LifeFlight helicopter dropped in for a visit to Amherst College

The crew of the Worcester based UMass Memorial LifeFlight helicopter dropped in to do all-day EMT training at Amherst College on Sunday. That is of course the good.  In fact, great.

 Amherst College quad late Saturday night (the not so good)

 Shaki Holines, age 20, stands before Judge Payne

The AFD weekend report shows the bad influence on public safety wrought by the Amherst College "Crossett Christmas" late Saturday night. Amherst police also made two arrests.

In Eastern Hampshire District Court yesterday Mitchell Arthur and Shaki Holines had pleas of "not guilty" entered in their behalf for their Assault & Battery cases which were continued until January 26th.

 Mitchell Arthur, age 18, stands before Judge Payne

They both were released on their own recognizance.


Anonymous said...

Prosecutors and police work so closely together for years, I wonder if a separate set of eyes are needed to make this evaluation.

Larry Kelley said...

I'm sure for $160K Mr. Davis would be happy to do it.

Dr. Ed said...

Heaven forbid there be parties in a college town. That's not unlike expecting a different portion of the town population to not protest GW Bush, even if he isn't President rgarri anymore...