Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Party House of the Weekend

327 Lincoln Avenue

So NO, now that I helped to keep alive the student housing development in northeast Amherst I'm not going to shelf my "Party House of the Weekend" series simply because every time I repost to Facebook somebody will jump in and say, but how could you support 'The Retreat' when it will only exacerbate this situation?

Although, thankfully, nobody has yet charged me with trying to stimulate continuing fodder for this popular series.

As I've pointed out many times the problem is NOT professionally managed apartment complexes as I'm sure The Retreat will be.  The problem is single-family homes owned by absentee landlords.

Like 327 Lincoln Avenue for instance, midnight Saturday.  A noise complaint from beleaguered neighbors resulted in all four young ladies earning a $300 noise ticket.

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Police also warned Pi Kappa Alpha Frathouse located nearby for noise early Saturday morning


374 North Pleasant Street, "Pike"


Anonymous said...

Yes, take as much credit as you want. That way the first head-on collision between a drunken student returning to the Retreat and some poor person that lives on Henry Street will be something you can proudly own as well.

Larry Kelley said...

And I would shine a.spotlight on that via my also popular series DUI Dishonor Roll

Anonymous said...

Yes, far better to have someone get runover in another part of town!

Larry Kelley said...

Oh, if you look back over the last year of my DUI posts a great many are very near my house.

Anonymous said...

Kelley, Why is it that you have to insert yourself so much into most of the writing you do? Are you that insecure that you have to continually remind us of your achievements?

If this is your job, then just do it and save the reminders about who is doing it.

Do you think the rest of us remind the world of how much we do our job every day?

"Hey, I delivered that mail to your house."

"Oh, that was me that pumped the gas into your car."

"Yes, in fact that was me who raised the American flag this morning in the center of town."

Nobody gives a crap about who is doing the job. They just want the job done.

p.s. I wrote this post.


Larry Kelley said...

And I published it. Although I do not approve of it. Seems to work that way a lot with CANs.

Anonymous said...

So if the problem isnt apartment complexes professionally run....what do u call the Blarney Blowout last year at the Townehouses?? At the time that was a huge problem for you and the town, you want another apartment complex capable of throwing a party like this?

Larry Kelley said...

Townhouse is unique in that all of the many units are individually owned condos -- almost all of them by absentee owners.

Originally it was a complex like Rolling Green, Puffton Village, etc.

Anonymous said...

...my DUI posts a great many are very near my house.h

No Larry, a great many of the 72's were near your house, which doesn't mean that was the only place the person was operating while intoxicated.

The fact is that the APD has a perfectly legitimate reason to hang out next to your house, i.e. in the DPW yard, particularly after dark. There is a lot of expensive town property there and "we really don't want someone 'hotwiring' a loader and taking it for a 'joyride'" -- even sober, even someone who knows how to operate it safely -- neither of which would be the case....

Not only do they have permission to be there, the way they wouldn't to sit in some homeowner's driveway, but no judge is ever going to ask any questions about why the cops swing through the DPW parking lot at night -- and it isn't like they are sitting outside a bar that caters to a specific racial clientele or anything else that would get them into trouble.

What would be interesting would be for you to start listing where they were coming from -- or at least which direction they were traveling in. The Chief ought to at least let you have that info (traveling north/south/east/west) as it inherently has to be in the arrest report.

But no, I don't think that a lot of impaired operation is just by your house, that just is where they get stopped...

Anonymous said...

Larry -- why aren't you asking why PIKE is only given warnings, why nothing serious ever happens to them?

HINT: Can you say "Massachusetts Republican Party?" Karl Rove and others are all PIKE members (not this chapter, but it doesn't matter).

It must be nice to have enough political pull to get out of the occasional stickey wicket, mustn't it?

Larry Kelley said...

Gee, that makes me feel so much better.

Anonymous said...

Yes, take as much credit as you want. That way the first head-on collision between a drunken student returning to the Retreat and some poor person that lives on Henry Street will be something you can proudly own as well.

sorry pal, but unfortunately, that type of incident can happen anywhere, by anyone.......and statistics and history say it will

i live in a residential neighborhood and came home one time to find a car in my front yard...gone through a fence and driver passed out at the wheel...and guess what not a student nor had any affiliation to any college

Anonymous said...

Larry, when are you going to have the courage to inquire as to why PIKE gets away with so much stuff?