Sunday, June 23, 2013

That Which Survives

 Camperdown Elm: A priceless $100,000 shade tree

The majestic Amherst College owned  Camperdown Elm seems to have weathered the recent relocation just fine, knock on wood. 

Three months ago a bevy of trained workers gingerly moved the ancient but healthy shade tree a distance of 90 feet to avoid being run over by a running track.

Amherst College officials must be relieved, since the tree is irreplaceable ... and the lifesaving procedure is said to have cost $100,000 or just over $1,100 per foot.

 Pratt Field, Amherst

But then Amherst College is our #1 landowner.  Even though a tax-exempt institution the #2 liberal arts college in America is still the town's #1 taxpayer.   The Pratt Field renovation project was budgeted at $12.5 million, although rumor has it the cost of the project is over by half. 

But, like the Camperdown Elm, Pratt Field will be pretty stunning when completed. 


Walter Graff said...

Beautiful tree and the field is looking magnificent. A well run institution sure knows how to do things right. Others unfortunately are state run so filled with many issues that make for many issues that never allow it to see its full potential.

Anonymous said...

Have a nice summer, Walter.

Anonymous said...

" filled with many issues that make for many issues..."

I'll ponder that one and get back to you in the fall...

Sad Clown.