Thursday, June 20, 2013


Yesterday town employees breached a beaver dam in South Amherst

While both cute and hard working, beavers can be a nightmare for property owners within proximity to their latest project.  Like this project on Plum Brook, running under West Street (Rt. 116) in South Amherst.

According to Assistant Town Manager (and still Director of Conservation) Dave Ziomek, "Beavers have dammed the Plum Brook in multiple places east of Rt. 116 and the backed up water (on both public and private land) is now causing some problems."

The current plan, approved by the Conservation Commission,  is to lower the water levels by breaching the dams over the next week.  In addition flow devices known as "beaver deceivers" may also be used.

Although Mr. Ziomek warned, "These situations are never easy."

This morning, finishing the job


Walter Graff said...

There are two beavers and they both walk into their house one leaves the door open and the other one says shut the dam door.

Anonymous said...

Just shoot the rodents!