Friday, June 14, 2013

This One's For You

One of the 29 commemorative flags commemorates Flag Day
Yes, the college town that allows its commemorative flags to fly only once every five years to commemorate the most horrendous attack on American soil in our entire 237 year history proudly flies them annually for Flag Day. And Labor Day.

Flag Day reminds me of the hack writer who thinks leading with the word "interestingly" will make the follow up material more interesting. If something is truly interesting the readers will figure that out quick enough if you simply let the story speak for itself.

In other words, every day should be Flag Day.


Anonymous said...

It also flies the flag every other day.

Larry Kelley said...

No, the main flag in town center (like the UN flag) flies every day 24/7, 365 days per year.

And will fly at half staff on 9/11.

The commemorative flags do fly on Memorial Day, a somber day indeed.

Thus they should be allowed to fly on 9/11, another somber day.

Walter Graff said...

"No, the main flag in town center (like the UN flag) flies every day 24/7, 365 days per year. "

Want to see somethign fun, head down to the UN in NY about 4pm every day. At exactly 4pm each of the flags for every country are lowered. And you never saw something happen so fast. And what makes it funny is there is a wall in front of the poles so you only see the upper half of the mast, so when they lower it all you see is the flags suddenly disappear. All of a sudden flags start dropping like crazy. In a matter of minutes they are gone.

Walter Graff said...

Larry, Amherst is the anti Bush center of the universe and 9/11 was during Bush's term so it doesn't count to folks around here.

And now with Obama heading into conflict with American equipment and troops in Syria he has pretty much done everything Bush did from scandals to spying. But he's not Bush so can do no wrong around here. Bush=anti-American=9/11 happened under Bush=no tribute to anything during the Bush years.

It's actually a sad commentary on how splintered and immature this country is.

Anonymous said...

So, Flag Day, which is a joyous day for everyone else, is another opportunity for you to sulk?

Here's a suggestion, why don't you figure out now who other than you can go before the selectboard and maybe it will actually prevail this year. Rather than waiting until the last minute for you to show up and get turned down as usual. I think if you take a back seat for once it will go through.

Larry Kelley said...

Okay, that's fine with me.

What's your name? I'll make sure you get on the agenda in the next few weeks.

Anonymous said...

So, you see 9/11 as a worse attack than Pearl Harbor, even though the Pearl Harbor attack was a country attacking us with every intention of destroying us if it could during the ensuing war?

The al queda who attacked us could mount no such imposing threat as Japan did. The ensuing wars after 9/11 were nowhere near the devastation of WWII.

One of those wars, The American Invasion of Iraq, was completely unprovoked. Tens of thousands lost their lives and much of Iraq was destroyed including priceless artifacts, thanks to Bush, who may still be trying to figure which way is up with a book when he attempts to read.

Don't misunderstand me. The 9/11 attack was terrible but it did not lead to anything nearly as terrible as WWII.

Larry Kelley said...

We lost just over 2,400 Americans at Pearl Harbor with the vast, vast majority of them military personnel.

On 9/11 we lost 3,000 Americans, the vast majority of them civilians.

Looked at as a single event (both of them lasting roughly two hours) it's pretty clear 9/11 was a "worse attack."

Anonymous said...

Purchased a new flag just in time for Flag Day and I made sure it was made in the USA! (hope others pay attention to this as well)

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