Monday, June 24, 2013

Block Party Sequel

In perhaps his final public appearance as Director of the Amherst Business Improvement District, Alex Krogh-Grabbe this evening gave the Amherst Select Board a heads up on the downtown block party as it enters its sophomore year.

The event happens September 12, almost exactly one year after the first one brought thousands of people to the downtown.  This year the North Pleasant Street road closure will be more constricted on the northern border, but still runs directly through the heart of the downtown. 

With that prime stretch of road closed to cars, town center becomes a safe, friendly party zone.  Music, food, and friends = fun.  And it's all free! 

What more could you ask for? (besides good weather).


Walter Graff said...

Good for him. About time someone held a town event for business in the center of where the business is.

Anonymous said...

Loved it last year. I'll be there.

Anonymous said...

Judging by the picture, it wasn't a packed crowd. Only an umbrella in attendance.

Even Larry watched it on TV, apparently.

Anonymous said...

Totally changed the feeling of the town. A hot fall night with the streets empty of cars and filled with happy people, and lots of food and performers. Sublime!