Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Remembering Those Who Served

Amherst's "Sacred Dead Tablets" (before the renovation)

Too many of our men and women have laid down their lives in service to our country in far flung wars across the globe.  We remember them on Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and perhaps -- in Massachusetts anyway -- Patriots Day.  Or 9/11.

The Civil War was distinctly different.  That terrible conflict produced America's greatest loss of life because each side engaged in battle were the good guys, fighting on home turf.  Americans killing Americans.

On many, many days it was more like a slaughter. 

Amherst men answered the call to "defend the Union."  Over three hundred of them, including 21 African-Americans.  In all, 57 perished.

All of those who served in "The War of the Rebellion" are remembered -- their names etched in stone on the Sacred Dead Tablets.  Four years ago Amherst Town Meeting appropriated $45,000 out of Community Preservation Act funds to have all six tablets restored.

Today State Senator Stan Rosenberg announced the town won a $5,000 MA Civil War Sesquicentennial Commission matching grant, which will cover interpretive signage relating to the tablets when they go on display at Town Hall, in the Town Room -- our seat of government.

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Anonymous said...

$5,000 for signage? What will they be on gold tablets? How could it cost more than $100-200 a piece at most?